Wilbur Damage Sharing issue

As you know, Wilbur’s special says “All enemies share received damage…”

However, heroes that have specials who do “delayed damage” (DOTs) are not effected by the damage sharing. I have tested this issue and repeated it while raiding with various heroes such as Natalya, Sartana, Gravemaker, etc etc.

Wilbur’s special does not say, for example, that “All enemies share received damage so long as it is in the same round as the special’s initial use…” When I leveled Wilbur, I certainly believed that all damage received would be shared … not some …

I am of the opinion this cannot be as intended. The screen shot shows Natalya’s dot causing “damage to the enemy” that isn’t shared. Thanks.

I want to add to this. Here is another screenshot.

In this screen shot, Wilbur cast his special while under an accuracy debuff so it only lands on Lianna and Kiril.

Elena proc’s her special and had a wall of swords riposte/countersfrike buff on herself and Lianna.

Joon then casts his laser beam and hits Lianna for 582 points of damage. Because she shares her damage with Kiril, they each take 291 and she “reflects” 115% (334.65) back at Joon.

Notably, in this scenario, Joon damage is properly shared and reflected. But it’s hard to imagine that the reflected damage is neither adjusted by Joon defense (as buffed by Wilbur) nor shared with his teammates (as buffed by Wilbur). He ate the entire damage. Joon’s attack skill damage was certainly effected by the buffs and debuffs in Lianna. Yet, Joons buffs did not diminish his received damage.

This cannot be intended, Is it? I find it hard to believe that “all allies share received damage” excludes some damage

I believe that both of these examples are working as intended. Both DoT and riposte are calculated as true damage which bypass defense and other effects, so I would not expect them to be shared by spirit link.

“all allies share received damage” is just “direct” damage not dot.

Hi all
I need information on this same issue , I got Wilbur some dsys ago and still trying to level it up , but then decided to ry it out to know its special skills particularly on the damage sharing amongs enemies , it works fine with bane in my attack team , but whn I changed to Sonya, I noticed that the damage sharimg Buff on the enemy dispells immediately after Sonya attacks , whereas the -ve reduction defense buff on the enemies remains, meanwhile all buff on my team also remain intact they were all supposed to last 4 turns or so…
Although Sonya special dispels buff from enemies , now should it dispel only this valuable special of Wilbur? Same effect was observed when I heal my team with Belith , it immediately removed the cast danage sharing from the enemy and left other buff .

Is his normal per design regarding Wilbur special? Or is it because it has not been leveled to its full special skills yet?

I figure the same effect might occur if Sonya should attack my team after castimg Wilbur’s buff. Although , I don’t have a way to know this yet.

If this is per design , then Wilbur 's soul link is extremely weak and not so special .

Kindly share your experience and thought