Wilbur bugged?

Hi guys,
I have a question related to Wilbur special skill which affects both teams(yours and opponent’s team). I have made some research and realized that when you play against willbur the shared damage spell cannot be dispelled from your team, if you are using a debufer like Sonia,sabina etc you will remove the spell(+armor +linked received damage) from the opponent’s team and your team still got the buff, but if you are using heroes that cures your own team status aliments like Rigard, you only debuff the -armor part of the spell,it doesn’t look fine in my opinion ,it’s looks like the shared damage part of the spell it’s undispellable…is this behavior intened? In the description of the spell is not mentioned nothing related to this.
I’ve got a video also for more details.

Shared damage is a positive buff. So you cant dispell it on your heroes with rigard for example when it gets cast on you

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Is a positive i agree, then it s undispelable because you can t remove it , if you are low and the opponents hit you with magni or other sniper? Maybe the dev team should mention that it s undispellable.

It’s not undispellable, it’s unclearable. Like any buff, you can’t remove it from yourself. But it can be dispelled from the enemy.

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well technically it is not indispensable. the enemy could still have Caedmon or whatever hero to get rid of the effect.

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