Wilbur and Wu Kong on All Titans?

I was fishing for Ares/Zeline this Atlantis and while I struck out, I got a great consolation prize in Wilbur. I plan on power leveling him asap.

My question is - Do I use him on every color titan? I am envisioning Wu/BT or Kiril/Wilbur plus 2 strong colors on every team moving forward.

For those curious I’ve attached my roster. Heroes not shown are Wilbur, Gadeirus, LJ, Colen, Ameona, Cyprian, Agwe, Boril.

I have him maxed, I’m using him on every titan. Only not for rare red titans

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Wilbur and Wu are in every titan battle I face, except maybe in rare ones… Amazing combo when these two are paired!


I read Wilbur is fantastic against all titans, Wu… well… wu… he can cost you the game :smiley:

Should one always use Wu and Wilbur against all titans combined with 3 strong atackers of the strong colour? Or is this a totally wrong idea?

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If I had Wilbur I’d be tempted. I usually use Wu. Might not use Wilbur against blue, but other than that…

You should always use both or at least to a point.

You will always need to use Wu until you get Tarlak or some future hero of the same.

Wilbur is a different story. If you are using him for every Titan, it’s for survivability. He is a must if you are hitting titans that kill you in one or two shots. He also doubles as a defense down (another critical component to a Titan team) so you can trade out that Grimm for a hero with more tile damage.

As you get stronger hero’s, he can be phased out to obtain higher scores (depending on your skill level).

I’m still using both for all titans. We hit 10s and 11s and I typically always get A or A+.


As noted above “yes” is a fine answer.

  • Wu Kong gives a huge +attack
  • Wilbur gives great -defense and +defense, and spreads incoming daamage among everyone to prevent one-shots.

The -def +att combo is the core of a successful Titan attack team, so with Wu and Wilbur, you get this pairing, plus Wilbur’s extras.

At 12* titans I use Tarlak instead of Wu except against purple titans. The big heal plus no-miss +att makes him compelling. I also use Athena instead of Wilbur except against green titans, as her huge potential-def is worth sacrificing Wilbur’s extras.

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I posted this in another thread :point_up_2:

Wu = (+attack)
Wilbur = (- def) and shared damage

The other 3 I take are strong color against the titan, those with highest tile damage I have. And try to trigger the first two ASAP.

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