Wilbur and Kage synergy

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One of my mates has noticed that whenever kage goes for his special, and Wilbur’s special is active, kage seems to debuff the spirit link. Not sure if this is an intentional feature, but I can see that the symbol for Wilbur’s spirit link is very similar to Gunnar and Kailanis, so maybe it’s interpretting it as a buff instead of a debuff. Anyone else have this problem?


Forgotten Unity

Kageburado dispels the Spirit Link buff, just like any dispeller. The only difference is that other dispellers hit then dispel, while Kageburado dispels then hits.

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Thank you for the information.

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yeah exactly my prob. kage dispells shared dmg too. but it seems to be no bug. shared dmg is meant to keep units longer alive therefor is a positive effect…

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