Wilbur and Ares

How will Wilbur work with Ares???

On offense, they should work very well together in a red stack. Defense debuff + attack buff + crit buff will allow your heroes to deal out tons of damage. If you want to focus on one enemy at a time, you can also bring a dispeller like Sonya or Caedmon to remove the enemy’s spirit link.

On defense, I wouldn’t recommend using them together. Color stacking on defense is usually an invitation for the attacker to stack against yours (in this case they would stack blue). In addition, both can be countered pretty easily with a dispeller.

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Thanks I just got Wilbur already have Ares at 4/38.
I have lots of red power kelile 3/60, gormec 4/34, azlar 2/43, and just got elana, sumitomo and sir lancelot. Also have boldtusk 1/1

Also have 2 drake fongs at 3/70, joon 3/70, evelyn 3/32 and sartana at 4/38

The Ares - Wilbur - Azlar combo is one mean combo. My favourite actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the wukong, wilbur, ares combo. It’s madness. You just decimate teams in raids and titans. Warning it’s offense only

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That stack also beats a blue tanked defense…

Boldie Mitsy Ares Azlar Wilbur

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I use a similar one except that I use Zim to replace Ares or BT sometimes.

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