Wilbur 3.60 vs Azlar 2.60 - who wins the knife fight?

Have QoH at 3.70 (2 rings to go)

Have 4 hidden blades —

Azlar, Khagan - 2.60 … Khagan is fine here.

Barreled Wilbur through to 3.60 - his buff isn’t going to get any stronger, but 70 levels is a big plus…

Have Scarlett and Boldtusk on deck - but already have Kiril fully assended… and Alice does -atk and it bit less fragile… so they were demoted.

Any of these fit with my teams - I don’t use Azlar right now, too fragile

You’ve got the makings of a great mono red team or 4-1 stack.

Max Wilbur, give him emblems to increase his survivability and he will pay you back in spades.

The only element you’d want to add to a QoH, Wilbur, Scarlett, Boldtusk team for full mono destruction is Guardian Falcon. Guardians event should be in April and with any luck you’ll snag that 4*.

I literally wipe out entire teams with my mono red due to the high defense down spirit link of Wilbur paired with the elemental defense down of Falcon. Do that, bump up attack with Boldtusk and send the red tiles at those three heroes Falcon has hit and it evaporates the entire opposition in one or two cascades.


If you’ve got a Line account send me a hello and I’ll post you some videos of how the mechanics work. One ID is same as my account name and in game name.

Wilbur definitely gets the priority. Boldtusk is invaluable, ascend him too. Hidden blades will come a lot sooner than rings, so prioritising 4* would be wise…

Thanks all - was 90% there, just love firing Azlar at folks :slight_smile:

Grats Wilbur

Thank you - Don’t have a line account yet :confused:

I’m ages from a mono deck, but chugging along :slight_smile:

Been destroying things with this setup - it’s optimized to protect the Queen - in world events, once her cards are up … she steamrolls :slight_smile:

Wilbur - Kageburado* - Khagan** - Aeron - QoH

  • swaps

Y- Joon
B- Alice or Grimm
G- Kadilen or Caedmon

** basically just protects/mana buffs Aeron, who heals/cures/dot blocks for the Queen

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