[Wiki, v1.12] War- Merging, Stet, Opt Out

[Wiki, v1.12] War- Merging, Stet, Opt Out

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With the latest war match making, if 85%- 95% of your alliance team mates participate, you can skip this article.

==Merging ==
If only 20%- 75% of your alliance team mates participate in war, you can keep doing war.

Or you can merge with one, or more, alliances until you have 85%- 95% war participants.

If you merge, mention this in your alliance description and leave a temp leader in charge.

Temp leaders need to log in once a month. Devs reserve the right to delete inactive accounts and alliances in the Terms Of Service ( TOS ). Or you could just pay the gems later if you decide to reform your old alliance.

==Opt Out==

The polite way to opt out is set all War defense teams to empty. This immediately forfeits the war and makes everyone LESS rage quitty Over war.

One trolling way is to set your strongest defense teams and spend ZERO War energy on attacking. The other team
Wastes lots of time attacking in case you are playing possum. Don’t be THAT alliance.

Please refrain from posting the many other way to troll war opponents, the mods will bring out the BAN hammer.

The moderately annoying way is to set up musical bands on defense.