WIKI Site details incorrect (Stronghold 15 details; now addressed)

It was bought to my attention that the Stronghold 15 building which is described as being a Food Storage in Wiki is actually a Mine Storage and not a Food Storage.


Which might also probably mean the mine storage at level 20 is also incorrect as it should be the food storage.

I’ve move this to #general-discussion, since the Wiki is fan-made and fan-maintained. SG has nothing to do with it.


No problem… i didn’t know and wasn’t sure where to put it. Thanks

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No worries. Good catch! I know lots of people use the Wikis. I’m sure @CheTranqui will want to know.

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Hey Ozy!

I was the primary author of much of the wiki’s initial pages (that one included). :slight_smile:

A great place to put this request would be directly into the Stronghold page of the wiki as a comment on the bottom.

I believe that by “Mine Storage”, you actually mean “Iron Storage”… it also looks like what you say here is corroborated on several other primary resources. I’ll make the necessary adjustment to the page. In the future, though, I highly recommend using that “Comment” button below the page in question - it’s only through such community involvement as this that we can keep such a great amount of data up to date!

(If you’d like to dig a little deeper in doing so, please check out this thread on how to join in and become a wiki contributor!)


No problems for the comments for the future, also I will, be happy to contribute…

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Already updated the Stronghold page - great catch! Doing so also allowed me to update the table to incorporate the new level 21, too. Thanks for the nudge to address the issue. :slight_smile:

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@CheTranqui I have joined and will go through it to see what I can contribute there.
As I presume you are French based on the name, as I also am but live in AU

Merci !

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