[Wiki, Primer] Elemental summons rotation or RBGYP- 47 hours each

[Wiki, Primer] Elemental summons rotation or RBGYP- 47 hours each

The Elemental summons lasts 1 day, 23 hours for each element.

Note: This can be confusing because of the switch to Day Light Saving time, or back to Standard Time.

When you first install the game, it starts with Elemental red. Rotation is Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple.

It takes 9 days and 19 hours to go through a cycle. There are approximately 3 cycles per month, minus Challenge event summons and depending on the month’s length.


Quick question

Just based on heros alone and you wanted to do a 10 pull which color would you suggest would be the strongest?

Current heros owned aside.

Thanks for your input.

Don’t do x10 summons ( linky linky )

Did I mention don’t do x10 summons? ( linky linky )


Honestly, eventually you have the potential to train up every regular hero once you get to level 20 training camp. Personally, I save up gems for either the Guardians of Teltoc event (Titan smashers) or Knights of the Round event (more raid geared heroes). That way I at least have a chance at heroes I can’t get any other way.

If I had to say a colour though, I’d probably say red because it has strong attackers, and potential for pulling defence debuffers and a healer with an attack boost. All of the regular reds are good solid heroes. I’d probably go for yellow after that.

Here’s Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grading. It might give you some ideas!


Thanks guys. That makes a lot of sense and I appreciate the education. I will hold off on the 10 pulls as it could go terribly wrong as I have read here.

The event guys are pretty cool. Got a Guardian Falcon on the last one.

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I thought about Red as well if anything. I have good red but none of the top ones.

Natalya, BT, Kelili, and guardian falcon is my red currently
Kiril, Boril, Karil - blue
Joon, Li, Hu (4* panda) - yellow
Melandor, Caed, Skittleskull, Berden - green
Obakan, Rigard, Tiburtius, Prisca - purple

Noone maxed yet, working on that. So may I will hold off and level for a while and play what I have.

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I’d definitely work on getting all those 4* heroes at least to level 3/60 for now, and just ‘favorite’ the 5*s for now. You can work on them later when you get their ascension materials.


I am getting there and will get there. Leveling a TC to 13 now and stronghold to 15. Hows the pull on the TC13?

I got some of my 4* from TC13, but the percentage is kinda low for those. If you’re interested in building 3* teams to use in beginner level of the monthly challenge events, TC13 will help with that.
Long term you’re certainly gonna want to get training camps to lvl20, but it’ll be a slow going.

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Hi, yeah I’ll get to 20. I got 3 TC’s. 1 at 12 brewing some stuff, 1 going to 13, and 1 at 9 I believe make some feeders for me.

Slow and steady wins the race right? Speaking of that they should make some sort of ninja turtles…

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