[Wiki] Pirates challenge- Bosses, Mobs, XP- Updated 2018-May

[Raw Data] Pirates challenge- Bosses, Mobs

Purple ( reflect ) for this challenge

===Single bosses stages 1- 5===
Stage 1

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1196 HP reflect purple
1104 HP red

==BOSS== Stage 1
2300 HP Peters ( green )

Stage 2

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1227 HP green
1132 HP green

==BOSS== Stage 2
2360 HP Boomer ( reflect purple )

Stage 3

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1274 HP red
1176 HP reflect purple

==BOSS== Stage 3
2940 HP Lady Locke ( green )

Stage 4

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double blue, Kiril, no purple, Rigard )
1219 HP red
1320 HP reflect purple

==BOSS== Stage 4
3098 HP Kestrel ( red )

Stage 5

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1276 HP reflect purple
1383 HP red

==BOSS== Stage 5
3617 HP Sargasso ( reflect purple )

===Double bosses stages 6- 9===

Stage 6

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1320 HP green
1430 HP green

==BOSS x2== Stage 6
2750 HP Peters ( green, left )
2750 HP Boomer ( reflect purple, right )


Stage 7

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1363 HP red
1476 HP reflect purple

==BOSS x2== Stage 7
3408 HP Lady Locke ( green, left )
2840 HP Peters ( green, right )
**antidotes ?? **

stage 8

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1508 HP red
1392 HP red

==BOSS x2== Stage 8
2900 HP Boomer ( reflect purple, left )
3480 HP Lady Locke ( green, right )

stage 9

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1539 HP green
1420 HP red

==BOSS x2== Stage 9
3611 HP Kestrel ( red, left )
2960 HP Boomer ( reflect purple, right )

===Triple bosses stages 10===

stage 10

Epic 3 waves 2018-May
( Double red, Boldtusk, no purple, Rigard )
1449 HP reflect purple
1570 HP reflect purple

==BOSS x3== Stage 10
3940 HP Kestrel ( red, left )
4392 HP Sargasso ( reflect purple, center back )
3876 HP Lady Locke ( green, right )


Pirates HP

Beginners for Rare Heroes

Stage 1
Peters- green 1190
Red 571
Purple ( reflect ) 618

Stage 3
Locke- green 1608
Red 696
Purple ( reflect ) 643

Stage 7
5* Locke- green 2076
& 4* Peters- green 1730

mobs- red, purple ( reflect )
Red 830


Thank you. Haven’t finish any of the category yet. Now I know what to expect.

Boss and mob HP

Like Bosses on the world map, mobs appear to have fixed attack, defense, and HP.

Probably to save memory ( less program code ), but as an added bonus makes planning for replays easier.

Intermediate/ ****/ Epic Heroes

Stage 1
Peters 2300

Red 1104
Purple ( reflect ) 1196

Advanced/ *****/ Legendary Heroes

Stage 1
Peters 3290

Purple ( reflect ) 1710
Red 1579

Made it a wiki so everyone can add their data. Will clean it up later.

Keep reminding myself to note down the mob color but keep getting caught up in trying to do it as fast as possible and keep forgetting lol

On Epic, replacing Rigard 4* 4.70 with Boldtusk 4* 3.60 vs green bosses is helping a lot.

The issue I have is in Epic. I can use my 4* heroes, but not my 4* troops? That’s a little shady!

As the heroes are limited to one * below the maximum possible, so too are the troops.

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Again, It allows use of 4* heroes ,which not 4* troops! This is stupid. I see it as slightly slanted and doesn’t motivate me to keep going especially when theres an elemental block/reflect in play.

The legendary/advanced lets you use the most powerful heroes and troops, which are 5* and 4* respectively

The epic/intermediate lets you use the 2nd best, which is 4* heroes and 3* troops.

The rare/beginner lets you use the 3rd best, which is 3 heroes and 2* troops.

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Indeed. It restricts you from using the highest tier of heroes. It does the exactly the same with the troops. The only difference is that there are only 4* troops as the maximum possible, unlike heroes where there are 5* as well. One less than 4 is 3. So the game is being fair and consistent in the application of the restrictions to both troops and heroes.
The real question here would be why are the troops limited to 4* when the heroes go to 5*?

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That’s asinine! I’ve only 4*troops as I’ve used all of what I receive to lvl up my troops .
And because of that, I default to “0” everything troops!? I think I’m done with this silly challenge. It seems really slanted.

It’s meant to be a challenge for experienced players, handling a scaled challenge without the optimum and maximised tools they would otherwise use. I got caught exactly the same way when this event was first released. So did a lot of other people.
In my experience, in this game it’s usually a good idea to hold onto outdated and apparently no longer useful things like 3* heroes and 2* and 3* troops, because they sometimes turn out to be handy later on.


Lol thats your bad and pretty short sightenend. You should always keep 2-3 3* troops. Simple as it is… now collect them until next event

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With challenge events first and alliance wars later the devs are saying one clear thing: almost everything in the game will come in handy sooner or later, so if you’re the kind of player who just work on one hyperstrong team sacrificing anything else to it, you’ll miss 60%-80% of what the game can give you.
And actually I like this kind of phylosophy because trying to have all kind of 3-5* heroes and 2-4* troops leveled up greatly adds to the game longevity


In fairness to Lady, a majority of us got caught with our collective pants down on their very first challenge event, especially the 3* hero requirement for rare. Any new player who isn’t/hasn’t been active on forums or on social media probably falls into this trap as no one warns them to save 3* heroes and also 2 to 3 of every troop (2* and above).

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Same happenend to me with 3* heroes indeed. But I supposed he can‘t be that of new player if his team solely contains 4* troops;D except for he bought himself into the game but still then his heroes aren‘t ready for the event anyway.