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I have just done 2 missions that have a mystery person question mark as the reward one was for silver raids and other was for the moths and when I collected them I didn’t get anything for them and wondering what I was meant to get?as I didn’t get a item or a hero I got nothing, I know this cause I opened everything up before I collected so I knew what I got … but nothing popped up, so it’s like I did all that to find nothing new.

Those are avatars. They show up in your avatar list when you go into your profile:

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Thank you for answering.
Well if that’s the case it would be nice to know what we got for it, like which avatar as I don’t know what’s new in there cause didn’t know what got added.

The moths one is, wait for it…a moth. :wink:

The Silver Raids avatar is Renfeld. That’s followed by Friar Tuck for Gold, Domitia for Platinum, and Quintus for Diamond.

Linking for cross-reference: [New Feature] Raid mission avatars


In the future, Tap on ANY reward to get more info, including which avatar is actually the reward.


Hi! Please i need support about new bug. Guardians of Tentoc quest legandry level step of 10 last 3 min. İ started and completed but i didnt get my completion rewards…

Welcome to the forum @mehmet464646 Sorry your first post is for a problem youre having but hopefully support can help you.

Here is how you can contact them

How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

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Really getting tired of spending gems on event draws and getting three star normal characters I can get from any normal draw. Give us a break

Hi @SgtHabdog, and welcome to the forum. This thread is really to help people know what isn’t a bug, rather than as a general place to post complaints.

The summoning probabilities are published, and getting a lot of 3* is actually very consistent with those probabilities. It’s definitely not a bug.

That said, a lot of people have the same feeling you do, and there are several proposals in the #ideas-feature-requests section suggesting different ways to mitigate this.

My personal favorite is this one:

Something a little more certain for your spend - shards?

I’d encourage you to either vote for this idea, or look around for one you prefer and vote on that.


Hi all. I’m not to sure where I should post this so figured here is as good as anywhere.

Why does the chat censor out the numbers 4.55.

For example typing - 4.55 results in *** being displayed.

Hi, @Wills5302, welcome to the Forum!

It’s a silly censor, but it’s because 4 = A and 5 = S, so it sees it as an alternative way of spelling an otherwise censored word.

My favorite is sh17, “the forbidden stronghold,” which the chat censors because 1 = I and 7 = T.


Thanks Zephyr1. Glad to have joined finally.

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Continuing the discussion from [Wiki] NOT a bug FAQ:

So when you spend tons of money on this game to be able to do the event summons and all you get are 3* that’s crap. This needs to be fixed. I’ve spent several hundred dollars on this game and get nothing. Not cool. Please fix this issue. Or return the money people spend.

The probabilities for summonings are published for each of the portals, and you can find them by clicking the little “i” above the summoning portal.

I realize it’s frustrating not getting the heroes you want (I don’t enjoy summoning a handful of 3* and 4* any more than you do), but it is working as advertised, and is not a bug. The draw probabilities for 5* are just pretty low.

If you want to see a change, I’d encourage you to look in #ideas-feature-requests and vote for one of the proposals to change summoning that you like best.

My personal favorite is:

I’m curious to know what the probabilities are for the training camp options. I’m using the “training with a chance of legendary” option on my one maxed out training camp and so far I’ve got two duplicate 4* (both Boldtusk, whom I already had), and a slew of 3* but no 5*. Is it the same as a regular summons? To Ziva2014’s point, I agree it was frustrating before I had a 20 level training camp. I had to wait literally months for my first 5*, a dark hero. Then all of a sudden I got three more dark 5* heroes, which is fine for defence but little use for attack. Literally months later again I now have at least one of each, but it took some time. Now all I have to do is fully ascend them. My first dark hero is stuck at >>>> for want of enough Royal Tabards; lord knows how I’m going to ascend the rest - another several months of dedicated, regular play methinks.

Based on several thousand data points from users who’ve posted their full results to the forum, TC20 is about 5% 5*, 20% 4*, 75% 3*.


Thank you so much for locating that for me. Much appreciated, Garanwyn.

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Hi @Jevpete8781 and welcome to the forum. It’s highly unlikely there’s a bug associated with either of your accounts.

Is it possible that you have primarily different mana speeds of heroes between your two accounts? Many 3* heroes are fast mana, and fast mana heroes charge their special abilities with very few tile matches, making fights often easier.

Average or slow mana heroes, on the other hand, require lots of matches before their special abilities are charged. If you use a rainbow team (one hero of each color) with many average and slow heroes, you will likely find raiding to be a frustrating experience.

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