[Wiki] *NOT* a bug FAQ


[Wiki] NOT a bug

First place to check if you have an issue

The Small Giant support website has a great many articles about how to deal with common in-game problems, such as crashes, missing loot, and missing purchases. Your best bet is to check there first, to see if your problem has a recommended solution:


Base Building- Wrong Building

Q: How can I delete a Forge/ farm/ mine, etc. I did not want.


Elemental Summons and 3* Heroes

Q: Why did I get four yellow 3* Banes from x10 elemental yellow summons, isn’t that a bug?


Canceling Training/ Crafting

Q: I cancelled my training/ forge and lost all the food/ iron/ recruits, isn’t that a bug?


Revenge broken- Update

Revenge is broken, it says "Note this player is playing on a different app version:

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Short answer
Why I can't revenge raid these players "Note: this player is playing on a different app version"? [MASTER]

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According to Devs:

However, this also means that the players who have the new version can’t raid or view the profiles of the players who have the old version, and vice versa.

The good news is that once enough players have updated the game, this issue resolves itself. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause!

From the TOS:

We reserve the right to delete your account if no activity is conducted by you in relation to the account for 180 or more days. In such event, you may no longer be able to access and/or use any Virtual Items (as defined below) associated with that account and no refund will be offered to you in relation to the same.

In my experience as a programmer, and user, saved game data quickly becomes incompatible as version changes add new data fields and recalibrate some game variables.

What I think is going on here is Devs run two different versions of saved game data until X% of monthly users have updated, or Y days have passed, then they force an update.

To reduce server load, as players log in with the new version, the server creates a clone of the saved old data and upgrades to the new data format. The old data is archived at this point.

Once it is time, a server maintenance is run, all inactive accounts are now updated to the new format and the old version’s save data is archived for 180 days.

It is possible that any inactive user that does not upgrade to the new version never has their saved game data upgraded, but that seems a poor choice for several reasons, the main being restoring an account when a user accesses the inactive account.

Therefore it is my belief that all saved game data is eligible for raid attacks, but more recently active accounts are weighted more.

During the roll out of a new save data format, version active is also a hard limit for the Match Making Rating. Which leads to the Different version, cannot Revenge error message.

HotM change

Q: When does the HotM change?


Daily summons and hoarding tokens

I have summons tokens in inventory and now I lost my Daily Summons!

Your Daily summons is still there, but see the following link for how to find it.

([Photos] Daily Summons & Hoarding Tokens or how to tell when your next Free summons if you have tokens in inventory)

Accuracy debuff and 0 Damage effects

Q: I used Calming Fog/ Piercing Hit/ Fog of the Fallen/ Piercing Strike and it did not remove the enemy’s buff!

Was your hero under the blindness debuff or the Gambler’s Stance buff?

Frost Shields/ tiles and Dragon Shields/ Power Shards

frost shields
Q: On the “Save the Winter” quest, I matched 3+ shields/ tiles/ squares and it did not form a Dragon shield/ Power Shard!


Board colors

Q: Why does the board never contain the color I want



(Color Stacking Fairness Project)





Q: Why did the whole board suddenly reset, when we had lots of time left on our respawn timers?

A: When all the teams on one side in a war are killed, the entire side respawn instantly. This is known as a “reset.” It is actually a great way to get extra attacks on the weaker enemies in a side.

I can't have more than 9 recruits before it says I'm full
Cleared meat and recruits at training withdrawal- Bug? :-( ...not a bug- SOLVED
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What about a mention about board RNG?
“How come, when I color stack, I never get the tiles I want”


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“I’ve just updated my app and now I can’t revenge, why is everyone else cheating?”

“I would like to point your attention towards fraudulent alliances in Wars, one of these members likes to drop cups therefore we have already lost before the war has even started”


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Hey there. I am playing this game for a while now. And my friend been invited as well. So here tried to buy summon with his gems and he got 5 stars player. I am for the whole time got only 3 starts. And spend money almost every month - and I think it’s a little bit unfair. I am trying to develop but I guess you only need money. What should I do to get 5 stars player as well? It’s is pretty annoying. Hope for your feedback. I am very disappointed now

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Why is there always a new offer icon

Do you mean like this case?



If u hit the Titan 3 times on his weakspot with no Hero it still is paralyzed. Isnt this kinda odd.

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You can roll the food to get the raid of your choice. I like to raid against teams that have a lower power total than me. My stronghold is only level 7. Wishing the best !!

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Maybe it was a rare titan with a shield of the same color as your combo


I was not bug but that was cheated by someone.


Updated and now game works only on wifi

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I’ve been playing Empires and Puzzles for a long time and I also invited my brother to play together a while ago. We spend money on this game and I felt sad after last update. Captain Kestrel is the hero I invested a lot to get and see his special ability every day. Now after latest update you changed the look of his attacking ability and when I use it I feel like something is missing, like assets didn’t load and there is no flame from his rifles. Please change it to how it was before and also how long will I have to wait until you give him the original look of his special ability?

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Cups are not a factor in war


Why is my gemstore just loading and loading at nothing happens :/:unamused: i would like to buy gems but store just loads


I am noticing that a dispel buffs from enemies special that I cast is dispelling the share damage that my Wilbur casted upon them prior to initiating said dispel special. The defense down is uninterrupted. Is this a known issue?


(It’s Melendor that I noticed is dispelling the enemies share damage that Wilbur casts) — if that helps.