Wider choice for start - more 1-3* heroes

We have a lot of heroes from events, seasons. We have them more and more (and probably there would be even more), especially new 3-5* heroes.
But beginning players are having still not so many heroes to have.

Please, SG make new, additional pack of basic 1-3* heroes. It might be only two heroes per star level.

It might vary a beginning of the game. I remeber that beginning was very monotonous because every player in lowest rank were having th same heroes.
Also there might be added some 1-3* atlantis heroes available with Atlantis event. (Player can pull daily summon or use summon tokens to have an attempt of getting Atlantis 1-3*.

1* and 2* heroes are so quickly left behind that I don’t see any investment of dev resources in making new ones to be justified. We do see a steady trickle of new 3* (e.g. Rudolph).


Each rarity tier ( 1* to 5* ) gets more powerful than the previous.

There are no more active special skills the Devs can add to 1* & 2* ( though I would not mind more colors of 1* to 4* healers).

Having said that, one of the more fun rumors is 1* & 2* heroes being part of the Class update.

Supposedly Sigrunn 1*+20 has a higher power than a 3* Trainer.

Layla 2*+20 has a higher power than a 7/8 3* 3.50 Nashgar.

Edit ( found it ):

As someone who only recently acquired his first few 4* heroes, I approve of this message.

2* heroes can become decently strong in comparison to their 3* counterparts if you invest in them (I’m looking at you, Layla). There is only one 2* tank (Olaf) and there is plenty of room for abilities to be messed with. How about a 40% riposte? Maybe a 2 enemy attack, or a weak drain/heal (you know, for a new tank).

There’s only one healer per level, too - Sharan (1* fire) and Sha Ji (2* holy). Could use 1 more healer of either tier.

Honestly, though… 1 more 2* tank, and 1 more 2* healer… that’d be my hope. There’s like, no diversity at the beginning. It was a bit odd to feel so pigeonholed.

Every game sorta pigeonholes in the beginning though.

Could simply increase gray tokens and EHT as rewards on newb missions and possibly add more missions.

Watch MV 7 days in a row? Here’s 3 gray tokens

Help kill 20 titans? Here’s a EHT

Find an alliance and be active for 30 days? Here’s 2 gray tokens and an EHT

Just all hypothetical and off the cuff, non thoroughly thought out ideas. But something similar to that.

I think new players should start out with a full rainbow 3* team personally. Starting out with feeders just doesnt seem like a good starting point especially since many noobs level those feeders without knowing they’re feeders.

Of course gems and EHT do seem rather common in the beginning so those perks may already be there if new players do elemental summons and dont use gems to speed up buildings

As for 2* and 3* heroes, I agree. 1* heroes, however, hardly anyone uses as soon as they can be replaced with 2* heroes (which happens within a few days). Their sole purpose is to be feeded to 2* and higher heroes.

2* heroes, however, are pretty useful for players, who don’t spend right at the beginning. As F2P player you only get very few 3* heroes until TC 12 (and soon after 13) is ready. Maybe a few Atlantis style 2* heroes would definitely spice up the game (as mentioned maybe another healer or a riposte hero). A friend of mine who started in early November is quite successful with 2* guys in Alliance Wars and would appreciate more variety.

As for new trainable 3* heroes (and also 4* heroes), why not introduce a few new trainable Atlantis heroes that can be obtained until you reach a certain milestone (like finishing province 4 of Atlantis for Atlantis 3* heroes and finishing province 9 for Atlantis 4* heroes) :slight_smile:


Das ist totaler Unsinn. Wenn bei Atlantis jetzt noch 1’3* und noch mehr 3* dazu kommen werde ich die nicht bezahlt nutzen. Nach 3 Monaten und vielen hundert Euro nicht mal ein einiger 5* Held. 26, 4* und 40, 3*… Es ist so schön schwer genug am gute Helden zu kommen wenn das tatsächlich übernommen wird aber Tausch Option in eigener Alliamz nicht, Wechsel ich zu Konkurrenz…

Bring dein Ausbildungslager auf 20, dann kommen die 5* Helden von ganz alleine. Wenn du wirklich “viele hundert Euro” investiert hast, musst schon abnormales Pech haben, dass kein einziger 5er bis jetzt gekommen ist.

Get your TC to 20 and the 5* heroes will come. If you have really spent hundreds of euros you must have been extraordinarily unlucky if yo still haven’t got one single 5* hero.

Direktes Tauschen wird mit ziemlicher Sicherheit nicht kommen…

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