Wich one is better? help

Guys… I want to hear your opinions…
Witch one of theses “normal” 5 stars heroes are better each colors?

Red: Azlar - Elena - Khagan - Marjana
Blue: Isarnia - Magni - Richard
Green: Elkanen - Horghall - Kadilen - Lianna
Purple: Dominitia - Obakan - Quintus - Sartana
Yellow: Joon - Justice - Leonida - Vivica

Azlar, Isarnia, Lianna, Sartana, Joon
Last 3 are 1 hit KOs, when azlar is full of mana its game over

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Domitia Leonidas

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Depends on the combination.
One can’t say this one’s better.

If you need healing or defence, Lianna is wrong and you’ll better go with Alby or Mother North. If you want to snipe, Santa wouldn’t be as powerful as Grave and so on.

The whole team will make the difference.

Marjana, Azlar, Liana, Magni, Isarnia, Sartana, Joon, Vivica

But you need to pick the right set of heroes to ateam, it’s not only putting together the best rated heroes. Also defence, titan, offense teams benefit from different type of heroes.


man… I said “normal” 5*… heroes reachable at training camp lvl 20. xD

Was just exemplaric to explain.

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Depends what’s important to you (raid offence, raid defence, Titans, events, wars, quests, farming?), what heroes (if any) you already have that you want to include in the team, and whether you want each hero assessed individually or the strongest possible rainbow team for a particular purpose to be constructed. There’s no ‘best’ hero for each colour unless you identify the parameters of the assessment and the goal you’re trying to achieve.


It depends not only on your task (wars, raids, Titans etc) but how you position them. Put Azlar in ttheiddle and he will build Mana quickly, but he will also likely be the first to die.
I put my most powerful hero up front, bbut he has fast Mana and is flanked by Boril and Cyprian. When I can get good combos and cover my whole team with two Perfect Riposte, it kicks butt.

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