Wich Heroes shoul I do first and what team to chose

Hi I am playing for some time and unfortunately can`t get any 5* :confused: for now my Team looks like that:
Team Now: Grimm, Tiburtus, Little John, Bane, Belith
Recently make a few pulls and get a few 4* heroes wich are:
Cyprian, Buddy, Triton, Gobbler, Wilbur, Gaderius, Gormek.
Please could you help me which should I build first and what team will be best for Wars, Titans, Raids. Thanks Mari0

Ascend Cyprian, he can be your tank for long.
Ascend Wilbur, Triton too they are very good 4*.
You need Gadeirus beacuse you dont have another 4* healer. Get Buddy and Gormek in future.
War team for now
Belith- Tibusrtus-LJ-Grimm-Bane
With your new heroes
For raid defense use the same teams like up

For titans you need Wukong/Tarlak and 2+heroes in strong colour.(I prefer 4 in strong colour)

ok but with that team I want have any dispeler (Cyprian is already on tier 3 lev 1 and have lev8 special skill unfortunately I dont have any traps to do him to tier 4)

So with heroes have you maxed and which ones can you max with you mats?

I will do Triton now and replace Bane with him and Cyprian even on tier 3 lev 60 should be better then Little John, I think that team for now will be best what I can do

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