Why you need to stay patient when playing this game

Good Morning everyone,

Just some thoughts after playing for 5 months. I feel very fortunate for the heroes I have and how well I have progressed.

My current lineup is Joon, Elena, Kiril, Quintas and Lianna. They are all fully ascended. I know Elana and Quintas are slow but I got them when I first started. Not knowing any better I ascended both of them. I do have Alaise on the bench waiting for two more telescopes. As with other people on the forum, I do have many trap tools, warm capes and a ton of compasses. What I have very few of are rings (2), tonics (1) and the above mentioned telescopes.

I realize this can get frustrating but I keep hoping I may get an ascension item in Mytic Vision, raid chest or titan rewards.

Now the patient part of the game. I am getting much better in raids and usually range between 2,500 - 2,700 cups. The higher I get all I see naturally is Gwen or Gravemaker as tanks or both in the same raid. Without a strong tank I realize I will be in this range until I get a little stronger.

What I refuse to do is do 30 or more pulls looking for a tank. I have one TC at 20 and will be doing the research on it today to fully level it hoping for a tank eventually. Patience, patience, patience!!!

In closing, I just want to say I really enjoy playing this game and is a game you will always be learning something new!!

Thank you for reading and looking forward to everyone’s comments or suggestions.


Haha and Im over hear wishing I had an Elena to ascend :slight_smile: . Plenty of slow heroes appeal to me.

She may not the greatest legendary fire out there for raids, but I would really love her for titans, missions and provinces. She has a great attack and special skill and some minor mana potions take slow heroes a long way.

Even in raid defense I would likely use her as a flank.

Congratulations on the good team!

Online games are like a roadtrip, the final destination is not necessarily the most important, should enjoying the way there as well.

Seems you found your path, have fun. :slight_smile:


Great attitude, Patience is definatly the key to success in this game. Keep having fun :smiley:

That’s a really positive way to look at the game. Best of luck to you!

My story for patience, i am playing since 5 or 6 months. In July, i got ou full 4* team, i was happy. Wukong, Tiburtus and Kiril were my bigest pride. But the raids became more difficult. And i wanted 5* so badly at a point since august. I raged, raged but still hopping. Farming tokens and gems. And finally after 2 months of more waiting: Attlantid Pull. I did 4 of them and i got Khiona and Ares I was super stressed and happy at the same time to get finally 5* after months of patience. But thats not all a few days laters, got TC20 fonctionnal. So i began to make TC20 training while upping my two 5* … First TC20: Bane, i wasnt very surprised, but the insanity continue, second training: BOOM Marjanna. I was like: WHAT? . That was extreme luck here. But it doesnt stop here; Third training: Cyprian, pretty good, a 4*. And now the fourth TC20, more extreme luck ahead: i got Joon… .
I can upgrade him directly to rank 4 since i have everything needed.
My patience gave me really extreme luck, 4 5* on a small amount of time. I should buy a lottery ticket.
Patience is heavily rewarded :slight_smile:


Once you get those TC20’s cranking, it’s a game changer. :slight_smile: