Why will my chat not work?

Any suggestions? Its been broken for a few weeks…i went and sumbited a request bout a week ago but nothing happened

Again - nothing can be done about private problems with the game on this forum. The only way of contacting staff and asking them questions is through the game support (which you can find inside of game). Chat problems, bans, connection problems as well as problems with payments cannot be discussed on this forum, each case is reviewed by the staff after you contact them via game support. Answers to your questions and any contact from the staff is via e-mail or in-game inbox, you might wait a while before anyone contacts you because there are a lot of players with their own problems and each case (problem) is dealt with individually.

Contact the staff via support and wait for their response. And stop spamming the forum.

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Sad but true. I have read so many times that Support is not answering. Maybe Holiday season in finland?

I’m closing this thread - we do not debate our disciplinary actions such as bans or warnings.

All support messages are responded to, if they are sent through the proper channels (contact us via the form found at support.smallgiantgames.com, preferably using the in-game support button). Players should also check their spam folder and they can login to support.smallgiantgames.com with their e-mail address to view the status of their support tickets.

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