Why? Why is it the norm here?

Earlier today I asked a simple question after three searches before posting which resulted in no answer to what I was looking for… The second reply was “do a search and dont ask” … W…T…F??? What kind of forum is this that I have to see this sort of reply???


The title of the thread might have been misconstrued as being rude but that was not the intent

The answer to your question was more clearly articulated in the thread referred to in post #2 and so @Benn was just trying to point you to a resource that could answer that question as well as any related questions that may arise from the topic.


What’s the question. I’ll try to steer ya in the right directions

Oh I see now. I’ve seen the question asked and answered a few times so I can see why others suggested you search but there’s no need to be rude.

Anywho, there hasn’t been an official schedule released but it looks like it will be once a month, possibly every third Monday.

I’m confused. You asked a question. Someone pointed you to a FAQ thread with the answer. Somehow that makes us all rude?


The title of the thread says:
New Costumes FAQs! Read here before asking questions!

So I think the original poster was thinking that was a statement by the original replier


The question was answered in another thread which was pointed out. That’s all.

There is no hostility they are just trying to reduce the number of duplicate threads around so people don’t get confused or conflicting information.

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Yeah the title of the FAQ is a bit unfortunate.

Maybe it should be “Please read here …”


Yeah I’ve flagged it for mods to review and possibly make a title revision (I know regulars can but since it’s a guide I’d rather leave it to mods).


Moderator’s Note

I’ve renamed the thread in question, and pinned it through the weekend so it’s easier to find.



Please see here New Costumes FAQs! Read here before asking questions!
Question #10.

This why I posted this thread… if it wasn’t the OP intent then I have misunderstood this one…BUT!!! It’s not the first snarky to condescending reply to other post… just frustrated with this place…

Sorry you’re frustrated.

The reason for consolidating questions and answers is so that there is a uniform and standard response to important questions like the one you’ve posed instead of every person providing their own response or opinion when there is an acceptable response phrased properly.


I agree with the OP that it’s sometimes impossible to find the right thread due to “creative” titles that often don’t help you find the right information. I’ve spent endless hours searching for information that I know I read somewhere and after trying every conceivable combination, I may stumble upon it by accident in a thread named " why me?" or “why now?”

It would certainly be helpful if we all tried to use titles that offer more details as to the actual content.

Now see, here is a perfect example :grin:


And my first thought when I see the pompous holy than thow "you sir or madam are full of your self righteous crap!!! LOL

Personally when I say stuff about try searching it’s usually because I did a search to find similar threads using 1-2 key words out of the new threads title.

It’s not a criticism per se, just trying to avoid continually answering the same questions over and over (hence why so many threads about the costumes are just getting directed to the FAQs)


Welcome to the internet.

Another useless reply like the ones I am posting about… Might as well just replied… “you could have googled this too”!!

Is the issue that people merge threads? Or tell you to search for it?

Regarding merging threads, well yes it’s the norm. It’s to keep info altogether. That way there aren’t 10,000 threads about the same thing.

If it’s about people commenting to search for the answer first before posting, often it’s because the poster has seen the same question several times. Personally when this is the case for me I give the answer (summarised) then provide a link to some other threads then mention what my search terms were to find the other threads.

There is also the fact that the costumes are a brand new feature, and that tends to bring out the snarkiness in a much greater abundance. Witness all the jibes at whales and krill I’ve been reading the last day or two.

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I just want to say that I feel the OP’s pain. Sometimes the answer you are looking for is 100 posts deep into a merged thread.

Some threads are just unmanageable messes.