Why we still play E&P

Fun timing you had in creating this :slight_smile:
Roughly 2% of the responses as that “other” topic… and counting…

But in honor of that other topic I will add one more reason I play E&P… so I can continue to read ridiculous things on this forum that make me angry, annoyed, confused and amused all at the same time


Well, I do remember that war hit where all my hitters were dead and I’m working against a corner Tyr that keeps reviving. Suddenly the ten-second warning pops up. I tap flee furiously. Stop tapping when the timer runs out. But the cascade continues for about four more seconds and Tyr doesn’t revive. Easy game. You can waste some time playing it.



i wasn’t goin to say all that word for word but close enough

well said and couldn’t agree more


I still play, because I haven’t scored over 100k on a titan yet :smiley:

And of course because of many more other reasons…


what’s your highest out of curiosity and * do you typically face?

My highest score was 94k on one account and 91k my alt. Typically I score around 25-40 k and over 40k on green titans. We have 9* titans, the 91k from my alt was the rare green soup chicken. I don’t use much items (spare them for the rare titans), I think with some tornados and a good board I could easily go higher :smiley:

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My brain seems to like resource management games (both board, computer and mobile)

I fell into the match 3 aspect initially but as above the real game is the build. And that’s the satisfying aspect. Building it all up and using it as well as you can just scratches an itch. It’s a patience thing I think. It takes 12 1/2 days to upgrade to SH25. Some people find frustrations in that but for me, building the resources and all the support to allow that to happen is why I play. It’s like a lazy river ride with twice weekly war rapids :joy:

Plus the alliance aspect too…chatting about your experiences and the camaraderie with your alliance mates is what makes a lot of people stay and I can see why :slight_smile:


I’m pretty resource conservative on titans too

see teammates land 100k-200k+ hits on titans and meanwhile I’m landin 25-30k per flag on bad boards and 50k+ on good boards

titans to me are as boring as filling chests though, wars are where i spend my time & resources

sounds like you’re doin well on titans though and that 100k+ hit is just a stellar board away


Unfortunately we didn’t remove her boyfriend when we had the chance, he purposely waited until war matching to leave himself. Is there any black list of players here?

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You summoned?? :hugs::hugs::hugs:


It was a calculated comment :wink:


With Greg, it usually is.


@giZm0_o thanks for starting this thread. I think it’s always good to reflect on the positive, especially when things can be so negative.

What keeps me motivated…

I enjoy seeing the successes of my teammates. It’s easy to get lost in your own failures… bad boards, unlucky pulls etc… but when you have 29 other members around, chances are one of them has something to celebrate.

The forum. I’m not active in the advice threads or the new hero discussion threads… but this place has something for everyone. Need cake? I know just the place. @Sarah2 @Saphirra Need coffee? I know a guy that can help… @TGW plenty of fun to be had with some great players that I just unfortunately don’t have the opportunity to play along side of right now.

Happy gaming!


Awww… More :cake::birthday::cake:for all. Thanks for the tag @Math4lyfe

Why do I still play E&P?

I would have thunk @SADERSpanda was talking about the Incognitos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But it is truly the people that keep me playing and we have had, and continue to recruit some very talented people. I’ll name just a few…

@ThePirateKing who provides awesome and current graphics and titan compilation data. He is also most learned about E&P and shares his expertise with all. You may have read many of his posts throughout the forum.

@NeG who crunches the numbers during war and bashes all titans - I genuinely feel sorry for the titans :wink:.

Enough can not be said about our titan guru @DBC. All things titan, we refer to her. She notices everything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

@humongous_dancer the most patient person you’re likely to meet. He’s had to be as it seems everyone else pulls GM except him. Don’t feel sorry for him though, he has just about every other hero :crazy_face:.

We’re celebrating our first year anniversary this weekend, and we’re still going strong. :tada::confetti_ball::champagne:

Good people always trumps awesome rosters, although a 4700 TP defense does help given the opponents we face on the battlefield. :innocent:


I wish I could say my team had players from all around the world… my first alliance had Aussies, NZers, Canadians, Americans, a British bloke, and a couple of people from Sweden…

Current alliance? A couple of Aussies, a Netherlander, the rest AFAIK are Muricans. Certainly not opposed to having more international flair though, as long as they have the right attitude and speak enough English for us to all understand each other. :+1:

I won’t actually tag my members here without their permission, they know who they are. :wink:

But yeah. Overall, they are a big part of the reason why I still play.

Let’s just be completely honest here… a match-3 game gets boring as hell after a while if that’s all you’re doing, all alone.




We lost a war to an Italian alliance. It looked like a comfortable but close victory, but they managed to come up real close after we ran out of flags. They had only one player left with two flags, and it was their lowest ranked player with a strength around 1500.
And that player managed to even the score, like 5750-5750 with one flag left.
And then make one lousy point with the last flag.
Horrible defeat it was. Couldnt sleep after.
Had quite a few narrow wars like that, won some lost some.


Sometimes I play since it’s a challenge while other times it makes me laugh. The first time I saw Thorne with Muggy’s face I almost lost the set since I kept laughing

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There is a cetain amount of enjoyment from theorising and strategising about team configurations and new heroes and seeing if reality matches our projections. For example how a Noor offense vs a Bera defense would play out. So far only one matchup, but it was fun to see it


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I love your post and it’s a very very great topic that make me happy when reading.

I remember the tightest war since I have joined in my guild. We just needed only 8 points to win the war and I was the one who has the last flag between both guilds. However I was in meeting in my office and totally forgot using the last flag so some of my guild members texted me and others called me few times. Finally I got a call from guild master and gained 22 points which led us to win.

Why I can’t forget that moment is more than half of enemy were online until I used my last flag and most of them turned into offline as soon as I logged in game and attacked them. It was the most excited, hilarious, and unforgettable experience while enjoying this game for a year. I’m happy to have played E&P with these great guys and keep this kind of memories forever. Have a great weekend!


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