Why we still play E&P

Hey folks! Forum is full of rant and hate about the game, you will read alot about a greedy companyand how bad this game is. I’ve decided to make a topic which will answer the Question of it in a short Story. Feel free to tell your stories which keep you motivated! :slight_smile:


We where in front from the beginning till their last Attack but unfortunately it was one of our worst teamresults and we did alot of mistakes.

However the screenshot above was taken after our last player used one of her 2 flags left and she scored just 4 Points. This player did opt out for months because she was frustrated of her war scores all the time. We encouraged her to join the war again but this was the type of things that almost made her leave the game.

So we came together in our line group and at least 5 members gave advices which heroes she should pick for her last flag. There was a discussion but in the end we found a consense in going all in with a mono-red Team consisting: Azlar, Khagan, Colen +7, Scarlett and Sumle.

All we needed was a dead Lady in the Lake +18 with lvl 24 manatroops!

There was a group of ~15people online cheering and watching at the battlefield (even my wife was looking over my shoulders and typing in my name in our chat). So alot of pressure but also great teamspirit.

The moment she won the fight and scoring 55 point for the win triggered the most euphoric reactions we had for a while and we are happy to have her in our war-team.

So no matter how frustrated you are no matter how your experience in this game may be sometimes keep in mind those happy moments and enjoy them :slight_smile:


I really don’t know. 20 don’t knows.

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That’s awesome - great story why every flag matters on every war!


The game can be a roller coaster of feelings and emotions. Sometimes it´s the metodhic calculation of everything. Other times is the joy of growing up, other times the rage of a losing streak or bad luck…

Everyone has some story.

I lived a similar situation than you. We won a war by 1 point scored by a frustrated player.

Ah, and many people keeps playing due to all hours (and money) invested


Pretty awesome! Love those dramatic, nail-biting moments!


Personally I have never played a phone game for anywhere near this amount of time before (almost 2 years), not spent this amount of money (less than 1K USD, but more than a few hundred). I think part of this is largely because the progression is just so achingly slow - that helps you to understand just how far you have gotten and what it took to get there, as well as to show you how much further you actually do have to go yet. The summons are so frustrating for the most part but that makes the occasional amazing pull (looking at you Lady Loki) absolutely a victory to savour. Some people may look at it as a simple match 3 game but there are so many nuances and intricacies in terms of how to build the right teams (especially when you don’t have the deepest roster and have to improvie and adapt), how to manage your resources, what area of game progression to prioritise, and how to play a board well, especially with the design of a lot of the newer skills, that I am only now after 2 years starting to feel that I am close to the top of my game (and I know I am still making mistakes, and am finding new things to learn). And I love the community feel of being in an alliance where people are in roughly at the same level or progression and in the same headspace, and of course the forums here where most people are helpful and supportive and positive

I am very hopeful that some of the new content (hello Ninja tower) to come will help to expand the appeal to PVE, one area which I feel is sorely lacking (at least in terms of enjoyability).


The match 3 aspect is a front to try to attract casual gamers. The real game is the build.


I agree. But even the match 3 aspect has depth to it. Experience will teach you the probabilities of getting gems in your desired color for each move you make. Experience will let you see possibilities of combinations that you wouldn’t even have been able to see before. Experience will teach you whether you should go for the easy match to try to take out the tank or to set up the board for the long term gain in the match. Experience will teach you just how much you will need to match to fill your special, and how much a move will (likely) fill up the enemies’ specials. Experience will teach you if you have a good chance of surviving one more turn without healing or blocking or throwing back specials for optimum effect or if you need to act now or risk losing the game.


That´s such an inspiration, especially for us newer players, thank you so much for sharing. Your Alliance sounds absolutely wonderful - I hope to one day find one as active and supportive as yours :slight_smile:

Well done on the team spirit :star2:


I had an exactly opposite story but quite wholesome in a way. We had accepted a couple into the alliance which caused trouble from the beginning. Imagine typical Karen who is fun at parties, says that she “doesn’t have to do anything” (in terms of wars) and calls the rest of us childish for having a separate chat for offtops, GIFs and jokes. Her man was exactly the same, they even shared a Facebook account.
Eventually she decided to leave but we so wanted to give her a parting gift - titan loot. We told her that we can even make it easier for her and finish the titan faster so she wouldn’t have to “suffer” with us.

Imagine half of the alliance crafting tornados and using flasks to take down almost million points on titan in a matter of minutes just out of spite. That was truly uniting experience :smiley:


Brilliant, thanks for sharing :grin: :beers:


Great topic!

My gaming history is full of the same type of games:

  • Not too simple, but not too complicated either.
  • A bit of live action, but more weighted towards decisions I can make deliberately, without too much pressure from a clock, or being shot at by insanely talented teenagers or whatever.
  • Math!

Gaming should be fun, obviously. For me, a big part of the fun is being able to be successful, despite being challenged. E&P hits a sweet spot in that balance for me.

But that’s only what got me hooked in the first place. The social aspect of alliances is what’s kept me involved. The team competition goes far beyond any other game I’ve played (and I’ve probably gotten TOO involved in that regard! Has definitely sucked up more hours than I ever expected when I started. But I don’t regret any of it!).


Saders is the reason why I still play. What an amazing collection of people I have met from all around the world. I also met @Rigs :wink: But really the group ebbs and flows carries on and kicks ■■■. Funny how a “simple” game brings so many different people from so many different places together. Even funnier how we can all work together so well and how quickly we are to give up individuality for the team. Basically lots of great times had with these people, and would feel a pretty big empty spot if I stopped playing. Winning doesn’t hurt either. :humblebrag:

Date Crew Score Opponent Score W/L Boost
15-Aug 6711 -СИНДИКАТ- 6116 W
19-Aug 6250 Высшая Лига 6264 L
22-Aug 6143 Simbiose 6130 W :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
26-Aug 6004 7D Condemned 5600 W :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
29-Aug 6443 Crystal Eagles 5379 W +
2-Sep 6296 Кузькина Мать 5958 W +
5-Sep 6867 Aggressive II 6374 W
9-Sep 6678 King of the North 6525 W
12-Sep 6419 Vae Victus 6095 W :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
16-Sep 6271 Simbiose 5962 W :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
19-Sep 6539 The Dragons 5146 W +
23-Sep 6745 7D Condemned 5554 W +
26-Sep 6967 Shadow of Elites 6208 W
30-Sep 6605 Wolves of the North 6804 L
3-Oct 7223 7D Emerging 5210 W :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:

“Humble” my aaaasssssss :rofl: :joy: :laughing:


Why I still play E&P. Great question!

Well ordinarily I’d try to do like a pie chart thingy or something to express it all in mathematical breakdowns (as all the great forum spreadsheet keepers and such would do)…

And I’m fairly well versed in maths myself, but it’s not my main playing card. Like, I could say that 90% of the time I know what I’m talking about, 50% of the time I’m responding based on pure emotion, and someone will come in and say “dude bruh do u even maths, that’s 140%”, without realizing that the two can overlap (now we’re veering out of pie chart territory and more into Venn diagram territory)

But I digress…

Is probably impossible for me to assign exact values to each and every reason why I still play, because they vary day by day. Would probably be much easier for me to just post a list of the reasons I continue to play this game, in no particular order of importance. So here goes.


  • I have lots of heroes and they’re not all fully leveled yet
  • My alliance mates are awesome and I enjoy playing alongside them
  • I need more AMs to finish leveling many of my heroes
  • It’s fun when we win a war
  • It’s fun when I kill a higher level player in a revenge raid
  • It’s exciting when I get rare loot from something
  • It’s exciting when I pull a good hero
  • I like getting high scores on titans
  • I love it when I’m able to one shot AW opponents
  • It’s exciting when I finally finish leveling a hero
  • Even more exciting if I have additional emblems to spare for that hero

Think that covers most of my highlights / good times from the game.

All those combined together are not going to stop me from complaining about other aspects of the game that I don’t like, but for now, they are enough to keep me at least moderately interested in continuing to play.

EDIT: realized that most of my reasons come across sounding selfish.

Community and my fellow alliance mates are probably the most important aspects to me. All the other stuff… leveling heroes, getting good titan scores, etc., in the grand scheme of things, it’s all meant to benefit my entire team. The better I perform in the game personally, the more our team can accomplish as a whole.


I’d say that it’s the community for me. I’ve had the opportunity to play in a lot of alliances and meet a lot of great people. Once you find a spot where there are 29 people you like, it all just comes together. At least as a tribe, you should be able to weather whatever weirdness the devs throw your way knowing that 29 other people have got you.


ZEROS left on the field

I kinda find my relationship with E&P like being married for a few years.

At first it is so exciting, bliss blah blah blah.

Then a few years in you get annoyed when your partner loads the dishwasher the wrong way. LOL.

However, I still find the game to be worth playing. Even after almost 3 years in I still learn things. Each new hero, regardless of rarity, gives you a chance to experiment with different lines, you meet new people and the community in general is awesome.


I have no idea about these but I will try my best. Please tell me more about this part.

In German Battlefield (Slachtfeld) translates to slaughterfield (it seems). Very ominous! :slightly_smiling_face:

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