Why we have no trades

Been a while since I have been here but this is something that effects us all. Constant complaints about trading and not being able to trade and why is this not in the game and I have a legitmate answer. NO LOYALTY.

We took some guys into our alliance 6 months ago, helped them level, even had them win cash through In house events to help boost there rosters, made sure they felt at home. recently a few of our players have had real life get in they way so havent veen able to participate as much due to things like a wedding, moving to another state, summer vacation you know, real life. In return these three guys aparrantly had been talking to another alliance and rather than speak to us about what was going on they make a bogus post about how we were not ENTHUSIATIC about filling the alliance and dipped out. Had this been addressed before, something simple as hey what’s going on, we would not have cared the slightest, but when people log in thinking something went down that’s just tacky and disrespecrful to all the members who put In time and work to help them get to where they are. We have not a single person in our alliance who doesnt participate every day in some fashion and that was just a slap in all of their faces.

trades will never be a thing because people have no loyalty anymore and the amount of backlash that comes from people taking and leaving would do nothing other than cause a whole totally negative atmosphere for everyone.

The good thing though, everyone in the alliance felt like they had been used and cant wait to see these guys on the other side of a war. wanted to say thanks for making sure people like us suffer with no trades because people like you use and move on. beware of these types of people as they are they sole reason multiplayer gaming is suffering the way it is now. all they care about is what they can get and move on and thank you again SG for not making trading a thing as this game would surely suffer from these types of people.

Wow, that’s a really interesting perspective. It’s really hard to establish a level of trust that you’d need for member loyalty.

As much as we try to be connected, we are playing online and that reduces the amount of real human connection we can expect. We are different people from different backgrounds in different time zones. The best we can do is be friendly, supportive and authentic. Some people are wankers, but they live in their own heads and probably rationalise their behaviour as they see fit

I suspect the real reasons we don’t have trading are commercial, so that people are chasing the stuff they can’t get. But what you describe is another good reason why trading is a bad idea

Bloody humans, they ruin everything!


Yes yes, it’s not for the money.
There’s not the good old loyal people anymore :older_man:


I don’t think you understand how trading works… you give something I want and I give you something you want. Both people accept the terms and the trade happens.

If you are using it as a way to help others improve, good on you. But, don’t look for a refund or loyalty… you agreed to the trade.

Please bring the trading !


I understand how tradeing works and I also understand that each players purpose for trading is to strengthen their rosters to help their alliance unless they are a merc. you think people gonna give there hard earned stuff away to someone who is not gonna help them progress further In the game? not help to take down higher level titans for more loot? not help win wars for chests? look at all the mmos that suffered because of auction houses and players stealing from guild banks to take to another guild/ alliance.

C’mon dude it’s a trade ( a win win situation between players ), if you don’t think you’re gonna win from this trade you don’t do it , you are talking about trade as if it’s a form of a gifting system between strong players and weak players , and besides it’s only rational to reward a member of your team based on what he has already accomplished , not on what he’s going to accomplish , and after that if he stays that’s good for you both and if he leaves that’s he’s choice , and about what happened with those members you talked about , that’s something that happens very often ,and it’s normal , because real life takes priority , and this is just a game after all .

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Loyalty has nothing to do with it.

Exploitation and the selfish, greedy nature of bad actors and opportunists is the real reason.

Add that to the people who would squeal and cry to SG if the feel theyve been taken advantage of… yeah, no.

In games where there is a marketplace, either inflation becomes ridiculous or bad actors ruin it for everyone else, as trading often becomes vulnerable to exploitation.

It. Will. Never. Happen.

Sorry. Just facts.


I would agree with this statement if this game was not centered around a team of people working together to reach common goals. Titans and wars take actual team coordination and work as a group which require loyalty and respect. If people start trading and dipping out of alliances to go trade elsewhere and so on, everyones alliance is now in disarray due to lack of loyalty and respect of other players money and time.

yes this game is FTP and some never spend a dime but for those who do spend these types of antics are what lead to alliance splits and feelings of resentment which help no one, not even SG.

The fly in the ointment is that the game IS free to play, accounts can be created so easily. This utopia you describe would be great if we could actually depend on human beings to be honorable. But for every 1 that plays honestly, there are two* that game the system: one because they like to game the system, one because they can.

*statistics simulated for dramatic effect

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based on other game i played , Trading could be used by multiple account as harvest account to pump 1 main account

and personally i dont think Trade between player is good idea , but i agreed for dev to make trading with system , something like trade their food <> iron or iron <> food ( 1:1.5 ) or transmute *3 x 4 mats to random *4 x 1 mats as well as heroes *5


How are you taken advantage of when you agreed to the trade?

Don’t forget about people with additional accounts. Easy for them to trade any lucky pulls from their sub account to their main account.

Personally, idk how ppl can manage more than one account, I struggle with one.


While I can see loyalty as a concern, I don’t see it affecting this issue. The main argument I see against trading between players is that its too easy to exploit. Until this gets fixed, trading can’t happen!

Picture an inexperienced player, just pulled a 5*, another says "hey that’s not really a great hero, I’ll trade you a Sabina and TWO Banes! "

There will be rampant exploitation, and then the complaints…ugh.


I agree mate, I think the way to minimize this would be for example, only heroes you have duplicates could be traded and asc items must have equal value (and must have a minimum of say 6) to trade one…or something like that. I would love to see it happen but it looks slim.

People are easily convinced. A new player could be manipulated by another based on inexperience.

Additionally, people may regret a trade they agreed to and try to reverse it by going to support.


Trades already exist…just not between players. That will never happen. But SG will gladly trade you an army pack that includes mystic rings for $29.99. You both get what you want. Ascension materials for cash. Win win.

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A brand new player isn’t likely to get a 5* hero… at least, I’ve been playing for months, finally upgrading to SH20 and still don’t have one.

But, even if they do, they could always trade future favors.

As far as wanting to reverse the trade… sorry, Jack… you agreed.

Just don’t let a few rotten apples ruin the entire harvest.

Will people be scammed? Sure. Are people scammed now with robo calls? Yep. Good life lesson.

And, it’s just a game.

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No trades is basically not to be abused by those with multiple accounts.

No, it’s not “just” a game to the developers. It is a major source of revenue. Adding unfettered trading would kill their golden goose, or at least affect their profit margin.

And no matter how many times you say “sorry Jack” there will always be dozens more who complain and try to whine to support. Disclaimers & company statements that say “tough shht” won’t work in this economy.

I have paid & played in games where the game has been destroyed by trading (mostly due to cheating/exploitation), then the developers shut it down.

When we still have the effects today of the exploits/cheats for gems, where cheaters that found a way to scam SG out of gems and got to keep their ill-gotten goods (negative balance, but allowed to retain the troops/heroes they got) I’d imagine SG is not eager to put together another element that will potentially be flawed and lend itself to exploitation.

And, let’s face it… let’s go to your 'happy bunny land" where SG thinks it’s a great idea to add trading in.

Do you recall a time where SG added new functionality and it worked perfectly upon the first try?
(Wars and Tournaments immediately spring to mind) Imagine this: SG builds a fool-proof way to trade. WOOHOO, amirite?

But… there’s a loophole that players find and pass around for a couple of weeks-- mostly in the higher-end alliances. Troops get maxed, heroes get traded and maxed, then some whistleblower lets SG know and they roll out the change. Problem solved, right? Yeah, but no… sorry doesn’t work that way. Thousands of people figured out how to game the system and they now have an unfair edge and get to KEEP their ill-gotten goods.

But… okay, happy bunny land. SG fixes it. But there’s another exploit. They suspend trading completely until they can fix it. The honest people are mad, call SG losers who can’t program, hire more people, earn that Zynga money yadda yadda. Still more people recall the exploit and spread even MORE negativity on the forums. thousands of whining posts get posted on the forums about past trades, or how someone faced 5 maxed heroes and troops on a level 20 player and that it is now unfair “thanks, SG” they say.

Finally, SG “figures it out” and re-releases trading with more restrictions (1 per day, 1 per user over level 20, they hire a person specifically to ban accounts who exploit, or try to exploit the system) Damage has already been done, people stop spending and casual people see that this has become a dumpster fire. The only people on the leaderboards remain the people who got the exploits the first time around…

the developers try, as a last ditch effort, to put out sales and entice people to buy… which works for a few months, but then everyone has cool stuff and it’s suddenly less cool…

the game fades away and, savvy people pick up that the game is shutting down. Hard-core gamers stick it out until SG posts their own “Sorry Jack, We are shutting down” message.

It’ll go a little like this: Rage of Bahamut - Sorry Jack

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