Why We Always Matching Higher Teams

Alliance score is not a reliable comparison. This could be an alliance built just (or mainly) for wars in which case they may be: not hitting titans, hitting low level titans, or merc’ing for titans. Which will all lead to a lower alliance score. Compare war score for a more reliable comparison.

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After i posted this topic we matched with 2 teams that smashed us so badly. That was our fifth lose streak. But after complained about game, suddenly lol, we matched with teams with lower guild points than us. but as you say, points are useless. actually it was weird because they were lower than us but they had more +4000 team than us. and of course, we lost so badly.

at this point i left the alliance and joined to small team cuz losing every time is so exhausting.

Thank goodness you’re here to tell everyone this. You’ve done it 3 times in 22 posts. Talk about repetitiveness. :man_shrugging:t2:

As to the question at hand, yes matchmaking is broken for the most part. However, war score means little. The question is this- how often do you win and how often do you lose war? If you’re 50/50 then it’s not the problem you think it is. But if you are only winning 25% of your wars then it’s likely one of the following; poor matchmaking, poor war strategy, flags being left unused, or poor teachers in the alliance.

Yes, well, when people keep creating copycat threads …

Riiiiiiiiiight. Looking through 10,000 replies on a thread is better than just asking the question. In doing so they have a rude individual mock them. You’re such a good person for that. :+1:t2:

Btw, if it’s a problem, the mods will merge it. Now take off the Karen wig and be helpful or go away. The OP owes you zero explanation for the creation of the thread.

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Actually, it is because they would learn much more on the subject that way.

But hey, some people here just don’t like to broaden their horizons.

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You keep replying to me, kind of derailing the thread.

Someone loves that Karen wig :laughing:

And yet my alliance is 10/13? We get tough opponents but we COMMUNICATE and coordinate. Just that one tip will get you more wins. Importantly, lower level team members should have defined roles.

EDIT: you other two, stop bickering please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, think reverse, all those mighty teams got matched against a weaker alliance (yours). So, not all alliances always get matched agaist stronger oponents. In fact, for every match made, there’s one stronger and one weaker alliance. This leads to only two possible outcomes:

  1. For some unknown reason, you’re marked by the algorythm to always be matched with stronger teams;
  2. You’re greatly exagerating out of frustration.

I’m leaning towards the second possibility. In fact, try doing this. Twice a week, for five weeks, post here pics of your and your war oponent’s war scores, and whatever else war data you see fit. I bet you’ll get matched against weaker oponents at least three or four times. Know why? Because, in war, the stronger your oponents are, the more you lose and the more you lose, the weaker your oponents become, up to the point you’ll only lose by non combat.


That would lead to a heavy drop of the war score… how do you evaluate a “stronger” oponent? By what standards? Defense teams TP? Bull… my defense TP is about 4650 but this is a sterile number, as I don’t own any of the key defensive heroes, so I get one shoted a lot… top attacker scores? Noooo… that doesn’t mean much either. First because top scorers might have picked easy targets to score big and second because even if you own the top positions of the list, the middle segment might belong to the enemy by a mile, scoring way more points, all together. You judge by the strategy they use? That only works for local teams. Coordinating 15 - 20 people in different corners of the world is impossible because of the time zones. Except for the zealots that set allarms at 4 AM to take war hits… truth is, basically you know nothing of your oponent’s real strengths and weaknesses most times. So claiming you are matched against “stronger” oponents is not objective at all, but a shallow matter of perception. Wars are dynamic systems with neverending variables and subject to board luck, as all else in this here game…

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