Why We Always Matching Higher Teams

It’s been nearly 5 months that i joined this game. Probably first week they invited me to an alliance. With a simple calculation approximately we made 40 or 50 wars from that day to this day. And we never, once, match with the team lower than us or even equal to us. How is that possible? I am not even exxegerating. 50 wars. Never match with the team lower than us. Last time, i mean yesterday they shreded us. We have 29 players and only 16 of them higher than 4000. But they had 22 players higher than 4000 and most of them higher than 4300.

I played lots of games in my life but i never saw any algorithm like this. 50 wars and never match with the team lower than us. Can someone explain me this nonsense?


PS 20 seconds to search for this.


I saw that dude but not the same thing. Missmatching is the issue i know that but i am asking different question: How is that possible to match always with higher teams and not even once with lower teams. If my team only matches with higher teams, there must be a problem here?

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If you read the thread there are many others there asking the same question.

Not necessarily a problem… It might be a sign that your alliance is actually made of solid players. Strictly looking at the power defence teams, my alliance is also underpowered (almost) all the time - but it is not the only thing that determines the overall power of alliance…
I will give you a simple personal example: when my defence team was around tp 4000, I had 6 attacking teams of power (3600-3700) perfectly capable of taking down 6 teams of power 4100-4300. On the other hand, I personally know people who had a pretty powerful defence team, but practically nothing for flags 3-6… So, you never know what’s behind the curtain, just looking at the battlefield… Until the war is finished. :slight_smile:


The second time for me today? I don’t believe it?

You are literally saying you want to be matched with weaker teams so you can kick sand in their faces? Take their boys or girls from them?

IMO, the current algorithm, while not perfect, is pretty good. Yes, you will get overpowered by mathematics at times but most complaining “habitual” complainers have no leadership, organisation or strategy. That is why they lose. It isn’t rocket science.

You should be happy that you never come to weaker alliances.

Because IF you would face an alliance that looks like they are weak (heroes in defense, average levels) and they have almost as many war points as you… you surely will get your butt wooped.
Such alliances only come to that high war points if they perfectly use tactic (low playerd cleab up, high players go on the strongest).

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Are you saying you lost 50 consecutive wars? If not how were the opponents stronger, when you beat them.

I’m also not sure how you measure lower. Team power for sure is the most useless instrument for that.
You don’t know how many good heroes they have for their later attack teams. You don’t know about there playing skill.
From team power alone we can’t even say if the teams you face are really that strong. One of my strongest teams just from the team power aspect would be an all healer team with only 3 colors. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t go well for me if I use that as my war defense.

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And how else would a lower to high level alliance cope then? We do that I guess to a point (go, Ghost Ship). We have a war analyst but he is an amateur but often can size up an oppositions potential. What you are commenting on, it seems, is their static raid defense setup which does not affect war scores.

I want to give single answer to all of you.

Do we want to match with lower teams? No, i am just saying if my team matches with higher teams “every time” there must be a problem. Cuz sometimes game should give us lower teams. Or equal. We always match with overpowered teams. But do we always loose? No. We won some of them but this is cuz of they are not using their turns. We are pretty good prepared team, we also communicate by Line app and we use all of our turns but it is so exhausting to fight with lords.

But i am agree with @Slobix
I think the same. That is the only explenation. If we always match with higher teams that means we are more than we are thinking. I told them that game thinks that we are good so this is why we always match with good teams. They all joked about that like saying: “Yeah game thinks that we are good but we are not”.

I only want to figure that i never saw any team equal to us or lower than us. In my perception this is weird. But if you say so, that means we are good but we didn’t discovered yet. Lol

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Without going into the details of war score, the purpose is not to match evenly by power but to keep most alliances at a 50% win rate. From my experience in lower level alliances if you use any kind of decent strategy you are most likely going to get matched with teams that look stronger. We would always win against teams that were any close to use strength wise and keep getting matched against stronger teams until we would get crushed a few wars in a row then get wars were we would win again and the cycle would continue. If you want to get matched against teams with similar looking strength you need to lose more. As you get into higher level alliances it tends to even out.


For what it’s worth, there are those of us that got what you were saying the first time. Not sure if you’re familiar with the forum, but anything short of glowing praise doesn’t usually play so well around here.

Sorry your war “luck” has been so awful. I hope things improve for your crew. :wink::grimacing:

Defense TP can’t be used to define low/high teams. This low/high concept is too vague.

I am in a young alliance. Half of our players in war have <4000 TP def teams. Sometimes, even a 2500 player will join the war just for fun. Our war strategy used to be to take out opponent players that are less than 4000 TP twice, and then start a total war to reset them twice. It worked pretty well until now. We found that there is hardly any opponent players that is less than 4000 TP… We still managed to get some wins and find it’s fun. So just forget about the opponent def TP. As long as the war points are on par, work with your alliance and do some good fight.

And again, all this is covered in the other thread. Why are we repeating ourselves?

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Danke my friend. You understand what i try do say desperately lol… Well we gave up already. They even don’t care anymore. I just wanted to find an answer. There is none. Either we are unlucky or we are good but we don’t know that ahah. Thank you again for your understanding.

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I am a perfect example of what people are trying explain. I spent a lot of time in my early months (coming up on my one year anniversary) concentrating on building a formidable defense, and I have at just under 4500 tp. At the same time this means that I have somewhat neglected my offense, although I am working on it now. I can only field one mono team of 4&5* heroes. That means I have 2 more teams that are 3/2 mixed color and the last three flags (or 15 heroes approximately) are either 3* or incomplete heroes. This affects the algorithm. Anyone looking at me though could look and see that my XP level is in the 40s and it could be assumed that I hadn’t yet had enough time in the game to fully develop 30 4&5* heroes despite my higher level defense. The lack of developed heroes effects the way our matchmaking is done, but my 4500 defense may be deceiving.

I would say our guild was the complete opposite. Our losing streak was so bad lately that we were paired with a team 30000 points below us.

Sorry, but are you talking about Alliance score or War score? If it were were War score, you would have the equivalent of 6 quite decent mid range players teams extra in terms of power.

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The overall guild score. This has never happened before until lately, so I assume that it was our losing streak. Because we can’t even win against guilds with almost the same team power

I agree I feel like the other team is always way stronger than us it’s like we never have a chance

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