Why was Mitsuko changed?

So, apparently SG swapped Kage and Mitsuko’s colors around and made him purple and made her red. My question is why? To me, I don’t see the logic. If Mitsuko had remained purple that would have meant that her ability would have worked on yellow (a.k.a Guin and Onatel) so why would they change her and not bring out a hero to balance out the annoying yellow? They created ZimKitty to be the antidote for Zeline and GM, but they still won’t create a match for Guin… how disappointing.

I wasn’t happy with the change either. The only thing that makes it somewhat OK is that Purple is already so heavy in power.

I wish they would have made her blue if they had to swap. Blue is so weak and only has Alasi to impact mana. Plus having Zim, Natalya, Red Hood and Ares pop up in a short period of time, I think it is a bad time to throw out another red.

Personally, if they had to pick a color to change her to, I would have preferred her be green (and Inari red). Mitsuko’s original purple design though should never have been changed. We needed a Guinevere killer and she was it… before the change.

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Green would have been my second choice but at least green has 4 stars like Little John, Hansel and Peters.

A purple Mitsuko would have been the ultimate Guin killer no doubt but there are a long list of others. I use Merlin , Hel and my own Guin against her with great success. When I level my second Hel it will be even better.


Not to make this another guin post. And no one else has given me the same thought or opinion.

When people make guin defenses it’s normally guin + 2 purples and 1 typically being panther. Mitsuko would be the other purple in this team.

Guin buffs defense against normal tile damage already which with bad board is almost a guaranteed loss unless you catch a lucky break and fire your special skills

Mits cuts mana as well as guin except target and nearby instead of all, does damage instead of heals, and reflects yellow special skills instead of buffing holy defense(this is in theory if she was still purple) so yellow special skills are out

Panther reduces defense against purple attacks while also hitting 3 targets

Now i normally run a 2 2 1 attack. 2 purples 2 yellows 1 blue

2 purples to counter guin. 2 yellows to counter the 2 purples. 1 wildcard to counter a miscellaneous(normally use alasie in this spot to slow mana of tank and flanks if i cant get purple tiles to fill hel)

Now lets say u get an average board. Flip tiles, gain a bit of mana, guin cuts it. U flip more tiles, mitsuko goes off further cutting your special. Now you get lucky and fill yellow heros special skills but it’s kamikaze to use them. So you rely on tile damage which guin is buffed against and healing.

Guin goes off again, cuts tile damage. Panther goes off weakening your team to purple. Mits goes off kills 3 of your heros. You’ve lost at this point.

This would be a very common occurence and the forum would explode with complaints than it already does if mits was still purple

Be thankful she’s red. Why they thought we needed another mana cutting tank of a different color, no idea but it’s a money maker people are droppin bombs of cash to get this hero and after the way guin turned out, who can blame them.

Aegir was blue, mits is red, guin is yellow, so guessing we will see a similar 5* green tank with elemental defense buff at some point but thanks to guin i doubt we ever see purple hero designed specifically to tank that isn’t very slow mana and has similar element defense buffs like guin, aegir, and mits although not technically a defense buff, reflecting special skills of a color stacked team is much more dangerous than a defense buff in my opinion


There were some who suggested this change during the first beta but the suggestion was buried and most of us never saw it. I and several others argued quite strongly against the switch after it happened, but by then it was too late. She would have been great against yellow titans as well. There are plenty of anti Guin options. She is still an interesting hero and I will still level her.

I had no idea… all of that sounds like a nightmare!


A very well executed description, Rigs.


Thanks now I’m just wondering if anyone is going to start combining all these elemental defense buff heros

Like guin with kash and mits flanks or guin with aegir and mits flanks

Which normally would be a bad idea since typically whoever fires the most offensive special skills wins the match and also teams too heavy on heals fail since if you take out the attacking wings, you have nothing to worry about as far as damage. But with double mana cutters, it could eliminate this problem. Matches that exceed time limit are awarded to the defense team if i remember right so could start seeing some people dominate with the right team setups.

All speculation, could just look more effective than it really is but definitely looking forward to how it all turns out. Mits was a pretty risky move for the game in my opinion. You would think after guin, the last thing they would want to do is give her a close twin of another color to team up with.

Mits+grave flanking guin or even mits guin teams with double graves will also be an interesting combo if offensive teams cant heal from the grave damage due to the constant mana cutting. Mana troops for mits will play a role as well.

People right now assume that guin and mits being in different positions they’ll go off at relatively pretty different times. With mana troops that could change that especially without any solid explanation of how much defense teams are effected by mana troops.

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Maybe they considered Kage a better Guin killer and made him purple

It’s a possibility but wasnt that what mok arr was for?

No way, mok arr doesn’t kill Guin. He can boost a better purple (Panther or sartana or kage) to do the job.
He’s pretty underwhelming imo.
Besides, Kage being faster has bigger chances

Mok arr was only season 2 hero i thought was made as a guin killer. But out of all new heros, could argue victor was made for it. Very fast mana with shield and vamp effect to slow her HoT

Apparently some beta testers suggested it

Victor is the match for guin, super fast mana and steals healing

@Lunx, is he though? I mean seriously, does he really counter Guinevere?

Guin + victor + kage defense teams will be interesting. I’ve asked others if they tested against that setup yet, so far no one has. Hopefully it’s not as effective in actual use as it seems to be on paper.

Problem with making guin combatant heros is they have to be purple which in turn works with guin on defense.

Guin+victor for example. His defense buff stacks with her defense buff.

Devs really painted themselves into a corner for hero designs when they refused to nerf guin in beta

Better off leaving well enough alone or making yellow heros that combat guin

A yellow alasie or grave or yellow that drops dark defense would be better options than making dark heros that work against guin but work with her as well

If jackal dropped dark defense instead of holy, and was 5*, would make a solid guin sniper and make players have to think outside the box more once enough have him. Would be OP vs dark titans, but they go down easily enough anyways with jackal+ wu combo so not much difference there. He wouldnt stack with panther and using a tank and another hero of same color is typically suicide. Hence why inari is yellow instead of purple as well, she would be a good guin combatant with higher mana speed but then she would be OP.


Yes, some beta tester suggest to change color of both Kageburado and Mitsuko, and, ironically, some of the same people ask to switch back after a bit of testing.

The main reason is that purple and yellow are really loved for their strong-weak effect with each other, so i guess Kage it was seen as an excellent counter of Guinevre at first, and so better to be purple.

I honestly don’t care which color they are, and i think debate even on that for every hero in beta is detrimental.

Yes, i like too purple and yellow heroes, but all the heroes can’t be of that 2 colors. If it was switched back we probably see this same topic but about Kageburado.

This time it was Mitsuko getting the short stick.
Next time some other.
Just deal with it, some of them must be blues, reds or greens.

Edit: must say that was the first time a color change was approved by small giant. I don’t recall it was ever happened before.
So at first i was quite shoked they do listen and change.

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The ability to charge with 6 tiles with troops alone, 778 ATK score (and better value out of mana troop’s modifiers) tha ability to prevent 61% heals (stealing it from the target) and the ok damage, both direct and over time… yes, it seems like that.

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Aint Victor a Guin kille4?

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