Why Vivica's costume change in every group

When you choose Vivica’s costume for example to the titan group, why the costume changes in every group, even in the defense group and war defence group? Do you know how many mistakes I have done because of that? This is really annoying

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Edit: hey, it’s a joke from the 90s. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.


Because that’s how costumes work?

When you change the character into or out of their costume it says specifically that that will change that character on all teams to be in/out of the costume.

It’s not really a bug, just how costumes are.


Because you have opted to equip or unequip the costume version of that hero. Please be reminded that they are of the same card, different sides. To avoid this, try maxing another Vivica with both original and costume versions maxes to take advantage of the costume bonus. Bow you have 2 Vivs, one wearing the costume while the other is not.


But it doesn’t need to change in every group, doesn’t it?

It would be nothing away from anyone, if it doesn’t change

You can fix that problem when having multiple Vivica’s and leveling up more up to get to the talent grid…but that requires a lot of darts…and those are hard to find…

But it doesn’t need to change in every group, dosen’t it?It would be nothing away from anyone, if it doesn’t change

So when you get a costume, you get a hero to wear the costume as well. So if Vivica is wearing the costume and is on multiple teams, she is wearing it in all the teams (and vice versa). If yo had TWO Vivicas, one Vivica would wear the costume and the other could not wear the costume and in turn you could have different Vivicas on different teams.

That’s the monologue I had to use when explaining costumes to my husband and I.

Does that make sense?

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I know that but I didn’t meant that

I meant If I use for example Vivica’s costume in the titan, the costume also change in the defense group and every other groups where Vivica is

You are not far apart. @itsaroxy described it clearly. But @Aragorn_God just suggests a change and I can understand this position. Maybe @moderators can move this thread into the idea category.

Yeah I don’t like it either. The point of the “teams” feature is to save time of configuring the team. Just pick a team and go. Now you have to always remember which costume to use. How does that make the user experience better?

You are changing the hero. Not the hero in that particular team but that hero. So yes, it does make sense that it changes everywhere used. If you want to use both versions at the same time (even on separate teams) you need two heroes.

If you use a hero in a class quest and then equip the costume that hero disappears from your class team next time too.

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The point was why it need to change in every group?

Yeah let’s just max a seconded vivca haha as darts are easy to come by ffs.
My suggestion is prob click on vivca make sure costume is on or off before hand. As this a issue for you.

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Yes, but you don’t always remember. I have woke many times and noticed in the morning that Vivica have wrong costume in the defense group, because I used it in titan

Yeah surely should be case titan team viv in there costume stays as that and defence stays non costume should be pretty easy to sort out.?without continuing swaping between the two

I agree that it can be annoying to forget to change the character back to how it was before… I’ve certainly done that on various occasions, and scolded myself severely for it.

I think this belongs in the Ideas/Suggestions categories, @moderators, to suggest changing the way costumes work so that it’s just for that specific team, instead of all teams that character is on.


Exactly the point I addressed.

It’s working as originally intended, so not a bug.

Make a suggestion to change the way it works. It sounds like there are many who would support the change.