Why use Finley and Kong w/out costume?

As of now costumed heroes usually had different abilities and you were choosing according to war style, raid opponents etc.

But starting from rabbit and going on with Finley and Kong’s costumes, there is actually no reason to use them without costume. More attack, more defense down, instead of defense up, there is reflection. Even the durations are the same.
Just why SGG why?

People already spent a lot of money to find them years ago. Your money greed is upsetting old players like me. I have Finley and new costumed one makes me feel cheated in every aspects, literally every aspect. Costume makes hero stonger, ok. Costumes may have better stats, ok. But costumes have the same, very same effects with high percentage of damage, high def down and with same duration, NOT OK.

A moneyful Hint: no one using lady with costume, make costumed one’s minions also steal mana. And then you double your profit. Make Queen stronger than krampus and Ludwig, and you double your profit. Make Alice the best three shot sniper and you are richer than Elon Musk.


Agreed, I looked at Finley’s costume and I’m like whaat? everything is better than regular version even class. same with Kong, except one can cleanse and other dispel, but costume is literally better in everything else.

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Its called a paid buff.

Think of him like, if finley would be introduced today that is how he would have looked like without costume.

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I agree partially, but from another point of view.

If the costume is just a “better “ hero, I don’t feel anything if I have the old one (without costume). Why should I care. Compare if they would call C.Finley for a new name and we wouldn’t compare it that the old Finely should be as good as a new hero.

But I see it as product of laziness that they just increase the stat and a new skin. They costume should also have other properties and in the best world you choose sometimes the costume and sometimes not.

Happy gaming

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I don’t agree with you my friend. Lewena hitting 260 to all with fast speed and quintus 270 to all with slow speed. It is already annoying but people say it is different hero.

But costume don’t change anything just increasing damage and def down. I also have lady without costume but I am not annoyed because that one is just stronger with a skill set (I was not annoyed till costume bonus became the same as S1 heroes :frowning: ) anyway but kong and finley is just the same with high stats. Already annoying it is just a buff, acceleration to hero. They should call it better Finley, not costume finley.


He was my favorite hero in the game. Unfortunately I was disappointed :smirk:

The answer to this question for me is quite simple:

Because I don’t have the costumes.

And the balance of probability is that I never will.


Same reason I don’t use Xnolphod, Hannah, Elizabeth, Frigg, Morel, Bera, Pengi, Ludwig, or a bajillion others.

There are enough heroes in the game that various combinations can yield interesting results, but really, some heroes are just overall… better.

And these costumes are just barreling further down that path that many new heroes have been beating down already.


While C - Finley is basically a stronger version of his regular self, Kong is drastically different. Instead of defense against blue and a cleanse it provides a reflect against blue and a dispel and higher damage.
C-Rabbit is different from his regular self as well, especially his class. If there is hero that can prevent him from going off, I use him without costume due to his Cleric talent. There are differences but that’s when you get into the nitty gritty of synergy and building the best team you can against the opponent.

But you also have to think about how may people did not have Finley before today. I didn’t have him, so I never benefited from his original side. I got him today on a 10 pull and I’m elated. There’s subjectivity everywhere and in every single game. But I do understand your point nonetheless.


I get what you are saying, but man I love Xnostrils.

What about Black Knights costume not being available in the summons portal. I know he has one but I can’t remember where/when it was available. Why would it be available there and not available in this current event portal? Can anyone answer this?

It’s not released yet. Probably coming the next time this event appears.

Same with Panther
He ist fighting with costume but can Just summond without

Simple because SG don’t care with old player spend lesser and f2p. Oh and for new costumes owner don’t think they’ll op forever, SG greed will replace them so fast except you spend much more for new heroes.