Why ugly cards appear more&more frequently?

Well, beaty or ugliness is a matter of perspective but from season 4 and afterwards (season4, villains, circus!) I feel that more and more ugly cards filling our rosters. Is it a matter of budget (producers cannot afford some traditional experienced artists) or they just want to make the game more close to a new era of players? Violence and attrocities are more apparent in the artistic part of the lattest cards in the game…
Imho, season1, S2 and S3, as well as almost every hotm has more anthropomorphic characteristics of…let’s say a(super)hero. Ps. At least they invented costumes that power up the good old season1 cards.

I do agree the art from starfall is drastically different from the other events. Eiora/fluffy and Theobald looks like canvas oil paintings. Also The tiger looks really off, like something you see in a children’s book. Ancient tiger he is not

Villains and S4 aren’t my taste, but i wouldn’t call those cards “ugly.” Starfall Circus is the first where i’d truly think of the art as bad or ugly, but i can also see the defense of that aesthetic because it’s supposed to be a clown aesthetic.

at least the HotM are still knocking it out of the park.

the stages and gameplay are basically the same inside the entire game and the loot is also the same crap everytime. At least the heroes are not alike each other and I like that. S1 are almost all common humans and that’s enough.

What I got from Starfall

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