Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff


They nerf Telluria twice! They nerf Vela. Absolute rubbish SG…


And Thoth remains unchanged… the weak gets weaker!

There is a proposed elemental link and family bonus for oldef HotM, Thoth included but it is still too early to judge as it might have some changes.

Thanks… It’s just frustrating that the older heroes are neglected whilst newer heroes and stronger ones like Faline for example are buffed… seems like some of us who have been in this game since 2017 are not appreciated…

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This made it clear to me that creators of the game do not care about it being fair, rich and balanced anymore - they only care about keep selling new stuff, regardless of all the old stuff you already bought.

Wouldn’t be this bad if getting anything in this game wasn’t so god damn rare and expensive.

That’s not a game that I was looking for and want to support. Very different idea of this game pulled me in back in 2018. Wish I knew what it’s going to turn into back then. Would definitely not invest myself this much.


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