Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff

Where is the buff???

Buff thoth amun!!! TA need Buff is very weak.

Toth will get a buff when HA comes out and you trade him in getting any other hero… that’s your upgrade


A buff doesn’t necessarily mean a buff. You could tweak his stats up and they would still consider that a buff… like adding a attack to Margaret, that’s a buff. So they say

That is not merely tweaking stat, isn’ it?

That is giving her direct damage, not tweaking attack stat.

So THEY say… Read before posting such nonsense. Yes , giving Margaret a attack was posted as a buff. So does everything they do with all the other heroes. I don’t make the rules. I just read the garbage

By all means, do you happen to think that when I said buff, it means giving Thoth the ability to grant temporary positive statuses such as attack +48% or immunity against ailments or something?

Everyone understand that the buff we ask is to make the hero better in any way.

We are saying that Thoth-Amun need to get buffed (make him better), not limited to saying Thoth-Amun need the ability to buff himself/allies.

Thoth-Amun needs a buff +++++

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I Just got Thoth-Amun in the Legends. When I saw his power I did not understand. He is a Hero of the Month! But his power is for level 4* hero. Do us a favour and buff him. I cannot spend tabards to upgrade him . I will wait for another purple.

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He’s worth it… usually the last one standing. With or without a buff he’s worth it. Trust me I have 3 accounts all level 60 or above. Like to see anybody say the same. His minions are key

I DIDN’T say that … Can you read … don’t worry I’m not going to flag your reply. anything to Thoth would be a improvement. Just don’t overdo it and take away from his minion. :skull: Do me a favor and read the stuff I sent… I said THEY . Not I… :skull:

Yes please, give him a much needed bump. My purples are so poor that he’s required on my main purple team and much as he tries, it’s really just a struggle.

You know you look like you don’t even read what I write. I don’t even understand why you talked to me in the first place.

What is your point? Do you agree or disagree with buff? You sound like you think I have different definition of buff, what is your definition of buff?

What you did is only saying bad things about me without even giving any reason. That is personal attack.

low damage
weak defense & health
weak minion compared with seshat
no debuff
no buff
no dot damage

but at least he is better than mok-ar for defense

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Do me favor and explain to me the meaning of “so they say”. English is not my first language.

In my understanding, giving direct damage to Margaret is a buff.

Also they don’t tweak Margaret’s stat. Margaret’s attack stat stay the same.

I suggest making him summon 3 minions at a time like PiB. Problems solved. :thinking:


He’s usually the last one standing because he is a little beefy but isn’t a threat. I’ve found I have no issues when I see him in a raid

I think this hero is a 5* sorcerer type and very cool charactor but his abilities dose not good enough for 5* hero. His abilities are so simply, it should not be deserved for 5* grad.

Could you balance the heroes that players could have more options to choose hero.

Please consider


Why this guy is not buffed yet?? It is really painful to have such a bad 5*. I do not know whether to waste tabards on him or wait for another 5* dark for years… There are a lot of 4* dark heroes better than him. He NEEDS to be upgraded ASAP!


At least he’s better than the CURRENT 2020 HOTM, Noor!


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