Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff

You guys with the fix Toth… get some therapy and let it go. I just cringe anytime I see someone comment on this thread to keep it alive. It’s like some guy wearing his “favourite” shirt for years; with holes, faded color and unraveling thread complaining it’s not comfortable. SG says they are not changing him. Seshat is out, muggy is out and for flip sakes emblem up Alfie if you need a Toth equivalent… ok who’s it going to be that replies and tells us why we should buff Toth for the 3.6 million time

Yeah guys don’t comment on a thread because this guy said so.


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Toth has been out for… what near two years? What kind of time frame should you give it before you give up the “Toth needs a buff” lol

Let’s file this thread with the; “ let’s update the Commodore 64” and “Bill Buckner should have used two hands” thread. Cause the answers simple. Get a Seshat

Two posts up you just said he sucked. That was some real incite.

How long does it before Thorne receive a buff? 2 years.

How long have Thoth been released? 1 years and 9 months.

Still 3 months left.

If you don’t want Thoth to get buff, you are free to voice your opinion but don’t silence those who want Thoth to get buff.

If you don’t want to hear anything about Thoth’s buff request because it make you cringe, you can change your setting about this thread from “Watching” into “Muted”.

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And a few posts up from there you’ll see I actually use thoth. Or maybe I’ll just cry on a thread and tell everyone to stop using it because I don’t deem it worthy of discussion.

Thos is still better than Atomos in buff priority.

His minion can be annoying in wing if off color.

At least he has a use.

I have thoth at +7. Happy with him.
I have seshat at +3. Happy with her.
I have Sartana +7. Happy as well.
I have atomos +8. Happy with him as my defense tank.
The only thing you have to do is choose the heroes that works well with each other.
Don’t worry be happy :slight_smile:


QUICK NOTE: MOK-ARR REALLY NEEDS A ‘BALANCING’ BAD - That dirty fish hasn’t been captured in 3 months of data collection in the Top-100 / LEADERBOARD by over 100+ collectors… THE ONLY LEGEND that has sat out this entire period. RaZ

p.s. and THOTH definitely needs one bad - I’m stripping the 1st CLASS (everyone gets TALENTED) for an emblems refund - 5% + Gems to give it to someone else that can put it to some use…


Thoth-Amun…Mok-ar two dark dudes… Hyphen (minus signs in their names) amongst their similarities…not loved by many…

This dark dude TA, don’t have him, but in a couple of encounters I started to see why he would need improvements, so I met him again on a raid the other day, Aegir tank.

Fight… My team started…troops engaged !

Who’s that big dark dude in the corner Lianna, asked Caedmon squinting at the image.

He is…Thot…hun huhu choking Lianna and Caedmon as Thot fired.

"What! Black smoke! Just that from an imposing big dude like that " said Caedmon just as the hideous smoke cleared.

“OK my turn…now take this.”. Caed fired.“Oh, still standing he has more beef than I thought…Joo…oon” Caed called.

"Easy riddance…thank you Joon, now that the wing is cleared, let’s finish them " Caed instructed, casting a satisfactory look at his team.
Aye, Capt’n replied Joon, getting ready to position his notorious solar beam…

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@Oliz awesome observation man! The MINUS signs! The black smoke ha ha… yeah that first fire of his early on should he be presented with that treat - is truly a bunch of smoke. Once the smoke clears and a little throat-clearing… the hurricane return fires from our side! He can take some good punishment, granted, that hit-3 of his can basically be classed as ‘pathetic’ imo. Great coverage on the character interaction - a true visual. RaZ

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So I got Thoth in this Atlantis… Good, right?! Well, actually I want to like him, that much that I’m trying to reasoning a way to get him in my defence team.
I even made a spreadsheet with my current dark 5*s and try to see where does he fit:

Actually the only place that he’s better them all is in accumulated damage to all three which make him good for events; he also has the best minion health+ mana control; and has the 2º best health stat.

I’ve a Seshat+9 in my defence and I can’t emblem Kage or Sartana (GM, Guin); so maybe I’ll remove those emblems from Natalya I move them to this Thoth…

But… Probably not :man_shrugging: He really needs a buff… For me it would be make him very fast and he would be compelling (and not OP).

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So, T-A is too underpowered: just got him. Quintus is too: got him a month ago. And Merlin’s not the best.

Maxed Mok-Arr and like him. Working on Sabina 4/56. Maxed Tiburtus +3.

So it looks like I have no good choices in purple. :thinking:

Help me out here: give me a reason to Level Toth or Quint or Merl… :sunglasses:

I have had him over half a year, not going to give him any tabards. 3/70 and he rarely sees any action. I have Domitia, Tibs, Merlin, Proteus, Gafar, Sabina and Rigard maxed, they all are more usable than poor old Thoth. Next set of tabards goes to Ursena. Ameonna and Cyprian will get trap tools if I find more compasses.

I regret that I used that one compass to Thoth.

Level Merlin, is great!

Just pulled T-A. Looking at his stats. Is this a joke? Or there is something hidden which I dont recognize? Fortunately I got Ursena :slight_smile:

:thinking: Merlin it is. Thank you … :blush:

I’m sitting at 2600 trophies. Alberich , Wu Kong, TA, Domitia, Vivica… with Wu, TA really lights them up. I prefer a small buff. Like a 20% chance to raise 1 dead Ally with a minion on them to? He is the master of crypts huh :skull_and_crossbones:


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