Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff

That’s really more of a #gameplay-help-tactics question than one for the Forum Help thread. This theead is about help using the forum itself.

That said, the elemental link was actually introduced during the third series of 5 Heroes of the Month. None of the first 10 HOTM have one, including Thoth-Amun.

You’ll find this #ideas-feature-requests thread talking about Thoth-Amun discusses this, amongst other issues.


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@Jedon I agree with @Garanwyn, this would make for a good new topic in #gameplay-help-tactics asking about it (good future reference), or contribution to that existing thread (good for discussion and suggesting changing him).

@RAIN-13 do you want to join that thread that @Garanwyn linked above?

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I think Thoth is fair… it’s not like he does just 215% damage to one target in minor to nearby enemies, he does that damage to the Target and the nearby enemies. Not a Titan killer. But a good raid hero. . Speaking of a buff for him I would agree that it is kind of strange that he seems weak compared to the Bruce Lee hero (sorry I don’t know his name because I don’t have him)… if anything a minor buff is better than nothing.

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I don’t know where to go for this question. But I have to know. Was Thoth Amun secretly nerfed instead of buffed?? Because looking at pictures of him all the way leveled up. One power card says 765 and another power says 777. What’s the deal here?? In my opinion for a buff for him would be to apply minions to all allies

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There’s only one thing Card Power is used for: war matching. There was an across-the-board change to Card Power to improve war matching that went into effect some while back:

Thank you… just my opinion but Thoth Amun needs a buff. And would be fairly easy to do. Minions for all allies not just himself. That would make a big difference like Santa Claus LOL…

@Garanwyn @Jedon @RAIN-13 I moved us over here since the conversation was turning into a discussion of whether to buff Thoth-Amun, and not one about how to use the Forum. :slight_smile:


Ten four… so who decides who gets buffed and who decides who gets nerfed?? so is this just a place to get everything off our chests or are they planning on doing something with the buffing and nerfing???

The game designers and developers.

Well, yes, basically. It is a community forum, after all. :slight_smile:

Thoth-Amun isn’t on the current list of heroes being tested for buffs, but it’s certainly possible he might be buffed in the future.


How do you know who’s on the list for buffs and nerfs???

Because those heroes are in beta testing with buffs currently, and the list was posted by a beta tester.

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Where do you go to look that up?? I guess we are not able to talk to the beta testers are we?

Nevermind I found the list

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In case it’s unclear for others, I linked it above. :slight_smile:

Here it is again for easy reference:

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So I guess TA is on the back burner and will continue to be… even though he clearly needs a little buff compared to everybody else on that list. by the time they buff him everybody would have done gotten rid of him… hopefully they look to the likes of Drake Fong in comparison… clearly anybody would choose Drake over TA… here’s to hoping!!!

Hard to say — for all we know he could be in beta testing with a buff next week, next month, or never.

In the meantime, I’ve got him at 3-70, and am maxing him as soon as I get another Tabard, buff or not.

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I got him in Atlantis January 27th 2019… tier 3 level 31… so it’ll be awhile for him, I got sartana ahead of him. I plan acsending her first and then him… or do you think that’s a bad idea???

It depends a bit on your bench, but I don’t think you’ll regret prioritizing Sartana.

I think Thoth-Amun has a better shot at tanking, which is what I intend to use him for, but for any other spot on defense, or for offense and titans, I think I’d prefer Sartana if I had the option.

That’s what I figured , Sartana for Titans, TA for raids… I recently made it to diamond status with my four star team… So TA can wait… I have enough materials to ascend vivica to tier 4, like I said my four star team is doing very well and I have Justice at tier 2… should I go ahead and put Justice at tier 3 and level up tier 3, and Max them both there? Or should I just go ahead and ascend vivica and leave Justice on the back burner??