Why Thoth-Amun Needs a Buff

For years people have been asking for a buff for Toth. More than ever it seems appropriate now. He is outclassed by all similar heroes. Every fast hit-3 either does more damage or has a much better secondary effect (Drake, White Rabbit, Evelyn, Panther, etc etc.).

This is an old HotM, and the first minion maker (I believe). Let’s compare him to Seshat, as she is a fast, dark hero that also creates minions (seems a fare comparison).

Very comparable, though Seshat wins out on attack which probably gives her the edge.

Toth hits 3 for 215%, Seshat hits 1 for 400% (Most would probably prefer Seshat here), they have the opportunity to deal similar damage. maybe even giving Toth the edge.

Their minions, almost the same, Toth’s have a little more health, but Seshat’s hit harder. But Seshat’s regenerate every 3 turns (gives her the edge).

That’s where Toth’s abilities stop, but let’s look at all the other things Seshat does.

Tertiary ability:
Seshat Dispells target and nearby enemies (very valuable effect)

Innate ability:
Seshat has the ability to resist mana reduction.

Elemental Link:
Seshat has an elemental link that gives all dark heroes +4% mana regen.

So Seshat is pretty comparable to Toth before you include her 3 other abilities that Toth doesn’t even have. When you look at them together, Toth doesn’t make much sense as a hero.

He doesn’t have to be as good as Seshat, but he certainly deserves some more love and thought if he’s going to exist in the same game as Seshat.

If someone knows where there is a poll to vote for a Toth Buff, please link it, I’d like to put my support for a buff forward.


just another garbage hero. i don’t see how they can buff him to be the least bit playable seeing that they have failed to balance so many other things. don’t get your hopes up.
below average stats, useless skill, terrible damage… can’t use him on attack or defence. jus a garbage hero…


@Pohiroshima At the very top of this post you can vote to help and draws the attention to this .

Thoth needs damage around 270% to the three objectives as Drake does .

Minion needs something else effect , specially some kind of debut effect (reduce max hp, reduce defense, drains Maná etc)

Even providing him a Dispel status ailments from all allies are very valuable too.

Innate ability and element link also are missing so there are more slots To add effects that can add more valuable aspects to his niche (this applies to all the old hotm)


Not to mention the possibility of spreading minions across the board. :slightly_smiling_face::star_struck:


That’s is a great idea too

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Toth amun is the weakest hero of 5 stars heroes I think need buff For example element defence down like Evelyn or something like Reuben … I think must give him some love equal to others fast mana heroes …


I’m just gonna bump this just because and since words doesn’t seem to capture dev’s attention for years, I’m just posting this pic. :stuck_out_tongue: Thoth really needs his revamp. Here’s my idea without making him overly powerful and all.

So, Thoth here is definitely better. Lower damage than before, yes, but the minions are great. High HP, good attack, summons for three, on fast mana. Like Bera/Freya’s but only occupying three allies, although his skill is equipped with fair damage and tougher minions. It would be easy to stack 700 - 1000 HP for three allies with minions this thick.

Also with element link still active, he would fire almost the same damage than before anyway. He’s also a Wizard here, chances to deal more damage.


I really want my Thoth to be revamped and this alteration will do just fine, I think.

I think this hero is worse than the four-star heroes Wilbur, Proteus, and Mist.
I’ve never seen such a terrible hero.
If SG don’t want to do a balance patch, or if you’re not,
Release the hero Reset Token.(UNDO token)

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Inthink this hero is stringly underrated. He is like average 4* hero while at the moment he is 5*. Very weak attack and special skill.

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Increase damage to 360% target and nearby enemies. Minion stays the same. Add: Caster steals all generated mana from target and small amount from nearby enemies.

@moderators and @Staff_SGG

Please merge this here:


Thoth and Inari are both trash and need big improvements


Fast hero hit 3 (not minor on nearby):

The weak stay weak, the strong become stronger.

by Super Greedy Games

@mhalttu @J.o @KiraSG @Petri


They nerf Telluria twice! They nerf Vela. Absolute rubbish SG…


And Thoth remains unchanged… the weak gets weaker!

There is a proposed elemental link and family bonus for oldef HotM, Thoth included but it is still too early to judge as it might have some changes.

Thanks… It’s just frustrating that the older heroes are neglected whilst newer heroes and stronger ones like Faline for example are buffed… seems like some of us who have been in this game since 2017 are not appreciated…

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This made it clear to me that creators of the game do not care about it being fair, rich and balanced anymore - they only care about keep selling new stuff, regardless of all the old stuff you already bought.

Wouldn’t be this bad if getting anything in this game wasn’t so god damn rare and expensive.

That’s not a game that I was looking for and want to support. Very different idea of this game pulled me in back in 2018. Wish I knew what it’s going to turn into back then. Would definitely not invest myself this much.


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