Why this game is the most unfair game I have ever played

There is something very disturbing how the top heroes that you can only get by spending money are overpowered compared to the classic heroes. It is not normal top heroes true power to not be reflected in their power score. It is also not normal that SG does not re balance heroes more often. Not normal but I think it is by design, that is how they convince players to spend.

That means SG is promoting spending money for the right to bully your opponents.

All other games I have played make sure this does not heppen, and spending money just gets you to the end game faster, it does not make you stronger then you could be by not spending.

I am done giving them money and I encourage everybody to do the same.


In terms of E&P, what do you mean by “end game?”

I’d say it would be 30 maxed 5* that fit in 6 teams well. Bunch load of 4* and 3* maxed for events, and
all buildings maxed, and just hoarding trainers and resources for next best card you get.

I’d call then an end game… Just playing for the fun of it, without any real grind left


For me end game would be getting 5-10 non-classic 5* fully emblemed.

My point is that not only without paying you will most probably never get to getting 5-10 non-classic heroes but some of those non-classic have a true power much higher then the one that is marked on them. I mean why would so many users pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for heroes that have what 1% more power?? They pay that money because they have much more power then what their power score says and that way, these users can crush other players.

All of what you are saying is true to some extent. But there are hundreds of thousands of players who elect not to compete at the highest level and still enjoy the game competing against like minded players. There isn’t an end to the game in reality, so yes some people can pay to have stronger rosters, but there are plenty to don’t pay a lot that still enjoy the game at their own level.


End game? Have be when your finally fed up enough to delete the game… lol. As moderate f2p player, I can tell you your correct. Spend money get best heroes. Better heroes means stronger team, higher ranking and more ascension materials. You can be f2p, but you will never be number 1 until you have a roster of hotm or event heroes.

Which isn’t possible, yet. Because of the 130 maximum Team Cost. But a later update may end the Team Cost restriction.

Edit: My apologies. Five fully emblemed 5-stars is possible, but they can’t be played on the same team right now because of Team Cost.

You most defiantly can have 5 fully emblem-ed 5* heros on a team. Does not increase team cost at all using emblems.

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It doesn’t?! Well, that’s new to me then.


evilmind, I think you are on the conspiracy train. I do what many other players do and spent about 30 pounds a months at events and at Atlantis. Maybe a little more, but never over 50. I do events because I like the rarity of the heroes, the look of them and what they do. My strongest hero is Ursena (some call her ‘overpowered’), but no one suggested by anything you are suggesting. I don’t feel bullied, I don’t bully, in fact the thought never crossed my mind. The game would be reported and most likely be out of business if what you say is true.

Understanding the definition of burnout is imperative. There can only ever be a singular #1 player, therefore leaving the hundreds of thousands of other players fantasizing about being #1. The game can be fun in many ways, raid tournaments being one of them in which it is specifically designed in tier format, at your level. Costumes, emblems, and troops are another fun way to vamp up the game. With the right teams and special skills that can work in unison, and fully emblemed, a 4* team can challenge all around.

I used to think like you but regarding to a unlimited greed by SG. However i change my mind and i dont think that negative way anymore.
Im c2p because i enjoy the game. I have like a rutine and i know where to spend acording events and calendar .
The most valuable thing to me right now are those hard mats . The heroes come and go but mats are really hard to get .
I mean you can enjoy the game using TC 20 legendaries . Using some summoned non classic heroes and above all enjoying time with your alliance mates ! This is for me the most important thing .
Then you have the rest of the Game .
But if you want to be competitive , fight the top thats another story . Someone else has to tell you if its necessary or not spending too much for it


This was vigorously debated here.

If I remember correctly, everyone agreed that it was me :thinking:


How long have you been playing?

This game has no “end game”. If you’re idea of what end game is happens to be unattainable, you shouldn’t play. Setting yourself up for disappointment. Banging your head against a wall doesn’t make the wall stupid.

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I used to think likewise, but you must never forget SG is a bussinescompany, and a bussinescompany has to make money.

Yes, some heroes are overrated, but in that case, put all of your gems aside untill you have 2600 gems, do a 10-pull at an event of your own choice and eventually you’ll get yourself 5-10 event heroes.

It 'll take quit some time to get there, but that is the fun fact of this game… The creators force you to be patient in a world where patience has become a 6* rare hero… I wonder why they never made an extreme rare hero called like that (maybe make him hero of the year :smile:)

And once you reach the point where you got 5-10 5* heroes, there will be no end game, but another season, full of new ‘overrated’ heroes, and new challenges…


This is subjective :grin:


Me…or the OP…?

Or someone else

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