Why this change to agwe

I like him as he is Blue!

I thinks he is obviously intended as a tank (or at least to be used in defense).

Honestly, it does not make much sense that any hero lowers enemy’s defense against a different element than his own, it seems more a fix than a nerf to him.

I have fought a couple of teams with him as a tank, and the guy is not easy to kill.


He’s a great hero for someone who doesn’t have Boril or Kiril and needs a blue war tank.


Well I’m a little late should’ve joined this forum months ago now I know.

Do you like playing him? That’s really what matters.


In my honest opinion. Didn’t he go from being a titan hitter to being a defensive ace? He is on my defense team now…

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Ah okay it’s not visible yet

Thank you, that’s probably it


He’s fun to play with, though. I attack with Agwe and then Little John. Love to see that wave going up and then everybody getting slapped by Little John.

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If I remember it correctly, he’s the only one average mana blue AoE hero, so ideal for farming, I use him every day on that purpose :wink: But of course one needs lvl 23 mana troops.

Been levelling him for celeric quest as lack a hitter. trying to think of another use for him as paird with Wilbur can cause problems against nature

Any suggestions?

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Can someone make him a attack down v. Blue hero like Almur against green, hero? That would be very awesom . Please spread the word @Staff_SGG

I do believe back in the day they was a edd in beta and changed it

Scroll up to see the beta pic … First post …

Great times those were, people were attacking Agwe, Little John or Skittleskull. These days that Agwe could get some love and some cool buff. My Agwe is still sitting at 3/60 (I drew him in 2020).

Saw that but I want him stronger and this is the one I , you and everybody needs . A weak against blue hero

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