Why this change to agwe

Went from being a much needed hero to another useless one like boomer


I dunno. Boomer has been super helpful on missions v Yellow. He’s not as glamorous as some, but I like him.

While I agree with the frustration of the divide between beta and production, this is one that likely falls in the balance category. One of the many reasons SG is frustrated with the Beta leaks.

Boomer also has about 400 more health AND is good against yellow

I don’t know why anyone would use a blue against nature


The defense v nature is clearly if they are a defender in raids that have greens.

Additionally, the combination of Agwe & other heroes may be difficult.

Honestly, it doesn’t impress me. Looks like another skittleskull.


oh ffs the only reason I wanted AGWE was for the nature defense debuff for titans.

Thanks alot, SGG


That’d be a reason I’d use it v Green, for sure.

This really grinds my gears. :frowning:

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Submitted a support request asking them to reconsider this change and put it back to a debuff.

Makes him like a flank position Kashrek, Boomer, etc. All the other elemental debuffers are their own element so why would there be a blue that will debuff green, THAT doesn’t make sense to me. Although I would also like a green debuffer I bet it comes with the green reflect event, whenever that is released, makes more sense than a blue with a green debuff.

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Drew two of this guy. I don’t like his power at all. But his power in beta on the other hand i would love to have.

This is actually something the beta testers asked for. The elemental debuff has always been on same color heroes (Falcon gives fire debuff, Jackal yellow, Panther purple and Arthur blue). We asked them to stick to what they have done with all of them, so I’m sure they are working on a green hero with a nature debuff!

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Couldn’t you guys make him have a dot or something and not a nature defence which no one will ever use

Exactly as Chef said. That was a request from many beta players hoping that the nature debuff falling on a future green hero, not blue.

Denys, aren’t you in beta?

No I got removed for posting utube vids

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Agwe would have been awesome if they had kept his original skill and just made him green instead of blue.

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exactly, why not just change the color

We only asked them to remove the debuff, We didn’t suggest a different special.

Water green? Makes no sense. It is clear, some heroes from Season 2 are amazing but some nothing special.

A green with a -green debuff

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