Why they can't release a stage 2


In the existing stage 1, the level of difficulty (and the costs of world energy) increases from province to province.
To defeat the last and hardest opponent, we got 5 Star heros. If now would come a stage 2, with maybe another 23 provinces, we would need new “Star”-Categories, 6 Star and perhabs “more stars heros.”

If you say now, they could make new 5 Stars, wich are stronger, than the new and better 5 Stars would have an
advantage in events against the “old” 5 Stars.

What do you think? Could this be a real problem? And what would be your solution?


I don’t think it is a real problem, nor would this be a solution in my book. I think if they create 6 star heroes this late in the game, they will have a lot of the higher ranked players quit. Apart from that they would also need to come up with new ascension materials with even lower drop rates etc. etc. Not really a route I’d like to see this game go to be honest.

The current storyline has been finished with at least full 4* teams, I believe some people have been able to do it without even that. In my opinion the new season shouldn’t start off the same as this one (I mean, by the end of it will we be paying 30 flags to play one level?) and part of it should just be for the story. They could still make it an awful lot harder, even up to the point where you need a team of maxed 5*s and battle items to finish it (so also a lot harder than last stage of advanced event).

To make it worthwhile for people to play and to keep interest they could change lootdrops on the harder stages (3* heroes, battle items, avatars, ascension mats that aren’t currently on the map, or even let you unlock whole new functions such as ‘practice raids’). Not saying I’d necessarily be in favour of all this (please let us all have practice raids/titans now :’)), but there are plenty of new heroes released already and adding a new star layer would do this game in for me.


I finished it with 4* heroes. So it saison 2 could be done with 5* heroes?


I’ve been wondering about this. There are only so many possibilities:

  • It’s the same difficulty as season 1. The main problem is that anyone who was able to finish season one will breeze through.
  • It start at higher difficulty and ramps up at the same rate as season 1. The opposite problem as above, no on would be able to get half way through let alone complete it.
  • Start at lower difficulty, and ramp up to somewhat higher difficulty to season 1. This probably makes the most sense to me. It could also have a different number of provinces or different layout altogether. Maybe you could attack stages out of order or whatever.

As far as introducing higher star / higher power cards, that seems to be the MO of games like this but the one thing that SG has done with this game is maintain a level playing field so I don’t know how likely that is.

Maybe when they introduce season 2, anyone who’s completed season 1 gets a sixth hero slot?


They could do similar to what they did for events: limit the heros / troops / items that one can use for given stages of the map.

I think that addresses all the challenges in creating a season 2: not stale, not underpowered, not requiring new heroes to be introduced, and still new. Heck can make it more challenging even in certain stages.

Yes there will be some whines from people who didn’t save 3* heroes (and heck could start it off with 1* heroes and ramping up) but most people can get a 3* team together fairly quickly assuming they’ve progressed enough.

This at least I think is how I’d try to approach it if I were at SG: there’s probably some flaws beyond the complaints but overall I think it would work for the player base.