Why there's no Panda 5* hero?

Any respectable game has a Panda end game character

As a panda I stand behind this 100%


Endangered species who?

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There’s no 1* panda either :joy:

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Just because eating pandas is no fun and they would fill your roster

I suggest Tigeresse and Spartacus for new hero😋

There should be an adorable little common/1 :star: Baby Quinling Panda Hero that attacks you with little sticks and legendary/5 :star: that is a humongous ferocious beast that looks rabid

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2 star Panda Is Sha Ji
3 star Panda is Gan Ju
4 star Panda is Hu Tao
That’s it.

Idk I like eating Sha Jis and Gan Jus.

I have to admit I even had occasional Hu Tao stew.

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Frida is the panda without eye shadow


Kageburado is likely a panda behind the mask, too. He must hide for betraying the colour

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Not good enough! Get everyone you know to upvote this thread we definitely need a 5* actual panda not a polar bear!

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Why are people so obsessed with Pandas?

They do not do a lot of effort surviving as a race themselves.

  • They are picky eaters.
  • Only able to reproduce once a year (to not be in the mood that day).

I agree they are beatifull animals but they really aren’t that important. Please add a bee hive instead to point out the importance of bees.

Kind regards

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A bee hive is a cool idea! It could be named Legion


Well there’s a 3 & 4 star panda i just think they need to add a 5 star to the collection

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I started a game many moons ago under the Pandas, hence the reason why I’m all for bringing a5* Panda to empires. Only seems fair don’t it???
Just make sure this Panda is fully clothed please…

We need a 5* panda, please SGG!!!


@Saphirra @Shohoku79 and I designed one last year.

The combo of specials was pretty much stolen by SG to make Neith!


you sure you didn’t see her in Beta, then decide to put that as his special?

Compare our track records, I’m a fountain of originality and SG are serial ‘borrowers’ of intellectual property.

I rest my case :face_with_monocle:


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