Why there's no Panda 5* hero?


Any respectable game has a Panda end game character


As a panda I stand behind this 100%


Endangered species who?

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There’s no 1* panda either :joy:

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Just because eating pandas is no fun and they would fill your roster


I suggest Tigeresse and Spartacus for new hero😋


There should be an adorable little common/1 :star: Baby Quinling Panda Hero that attacks you with little sticks and legendary/5 :star: that is a humongous ferocious beast that looks rabid

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2 star Panda Is Sha Ji
3 star Panda is Gan Ju
4 star Panda is Hu Tao
That’s it.


Idk I like eating Sha Jis and Gan Jus.

I have to admit I even had occasional Hu Tao stew.

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Frida is the panda without eye shadow

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Kageburado is likely a panda behind the mask, too. He must hide for betraying the colour

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Not good enough! Get everyone you know to upvote this thread we definitely need a 5* actual panda not a polar bear!

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Why are people so obsessed with Pandas?

They do not do a lot of effort surviving as a race themselves.

  • They are picky eaters.
  • Only able to reproduce once a year (to not be in the mood that day).

I agree they are beatifull animals but they really aren’t that important. Please add a bee hive instead to point out the importance of bees.

Kind regards

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A bee hive is a cool idea! It could be named Legion

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Well there’s a 3 & 4 star panda i just think they need to add a 5 star to the collection


I started a game many moons ago under the Pandas, hence the reason why I’m all for bringing a5* Panda to empires. Only seems fair don’t it???
Just make sure this Panda is fully clothed please…