Why the game would be better if Ascention was faster

This is my first post, but I have been an avid reader since starting the game a couple months ago. I decided to add my 2cents to the conversation around the amount of time it takes to level up each Hero, and why it hurts rather than helps the game (so Devs, please pay attention).

There is an aspect of the game that is only available to a very small subset of players. Namely the ability to select your attack team to match the opponent. I have seen some YT videos where a top 1000 player selected from a stable of fully ascended heros to take advantage of potential weaknesses of the defending team. This would be awesome, and if I play this game for the next 2-4 years, I might also be able to do this during raids or wars. Technically I could do this against low level story opponents, but whats the point.

Now you might be saying that I could do this now. But in reality I can’t, because I need to keep feeding my top 5 defensive heros, plus 2 specialty heros (Go Wu) so that I can field a decent defense team for wars, and help defeat the 6* / 7* Titans.

So when I raid, it is always my same team. When I come up against a team with double yellow, and no Purple, I would love to swap out my mid-levelled Joon, for a hard hitting Purple hero. But I don’t have one. Oh, I have the hero, but he is still sitting at 2^12. Swapping out a 3^15 Joon for a 2^12 Tib is pretty much the same as bringing a knife to a gun fight :slight_smile: .

I assume that SG thinks that if everyone was easily able to level 15-20 4* and 5* heros up to high level 3+ that everyone would get bored, but I think it would simply allow more players to enjoy the game the way the 1% does.

Would this take away from the game. I don’t think so. Would it change the game? Absolutely. Instead of being a game where the majority of players log on for a few minutes a couple times a day to collect resources and fight a few raids, and farm on the story levels. Then complaining about their bad luck because they got bad boards, or their raid opponents killed them before their specials triggered.

I think the game would become much more sticky for significantly more players because they would be able to mix and match their heros to match the weaknesses of their opponents. More players would be able to make more than 2 decent hits during wars, then wait around to use their unascended 3*'s to pick off the partial teams that hadn’t been cleared by the middle to big guns in their alliance.

So what about those top 5,000 players (the 1%) that had to walk through the snow uphill both ways to develop their teams? Well, just like the 1% in the real world, they will benefit the most. They will be able to get more Heros ascended, and will be able to test strategies out sooner. It won’t take months to ascend a new HOTM to a useful level, so they will be even more interesting (more variants like WuKong to play with).

Anyway, that is what I think. What are your thoughts?

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i respectfully disagree. Its’ kinda like getting the cheat codes for a $60 PS4 game. It would take away too much from the game. I like the fact that ascension materials can be 'RARE". It makes us work for them

The materials should be rare, but they are becoming too rare. Especially the 4 star ascension items. They just don’t come up like they did last year. Just my opinion, but it is just a bit too difficult to ascend the 5 star heroes.


Around the 3000 point mark I still tag in 3* heroes effectively to colour stack. You can always re-roll raids; I’m weak against blue, so just skip them.

I don’t think it’s right to expect to compete against every possible combination early on.

Even in wars there’s usually some variety in who you can target.

I have already given several times my point of view on the materials, especially in the fourth rise of a 5 * heroes, so I believe that it would increase the equality of the levels of players and greater competitiveness, which at the moment does not exist … the top players are always the same … do not enter new players because there are no materials to raise the heroes. and while this is not rectified will be increasingly difficult and there will be more players frustrated and ready to give up the game. the updates have been bringing less and less material as well as diamonds in the baus, so it becomes impossible to collect 300 diamonds when the bau of monsters gives you maximum 2 …

Thanks for the quick replys. Just to clarify, I am not saying that ascention items shouldn’t be rare, or that the game can’t be played as currently designed.

My question is would it be better if ascention was faster. Like maybe if I played consistently every day for 3 months I might be able to contribute to an alliance working on level 7* or better titans.

The key word is BETTER. I like the game and spent fairly freely for the first month or so under the assumption that within a reasonable amount of time I would be able to get past the slogging / farming part of the game and get to the strategy / fun part of the game. What I have learned after playing for a couple months is that it will take me at least 6-9 months to get to a point where I have enough 4* heros above 3^ so that I have choices for raids.

At my level 1500 cups, ~3000 team power there are so many zombie teams (players that are no longer active, but their defensive team still gets selected for raids) I come up against in raids. Or at least that is what I assume since almost no one raids me back, and they have a lot or ham and iron in their watch tower, so no one is logging on and emtying. What that indicates to me is that a SG is experiencing fairly low retention. Namely when players come to the realization that in order to get to a competitive level (not top tier, just able to contribute in wars and titans), they will need to either spend way more (as in thousands of dollars) than they are willing to (as in a couple hundred in my case). So they quit and move on.

So my question isn’t “Is the game fun as it is right now?” but rather “Would it be better if Ascention was faster?” Which would lead to more heros, more variation, more learning, etc.

Obviously I think it would, or I wouldn’t have asked. If I am the only one, then so be it. Just wondering what others thought.

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I like your point of view. I feel the same…

I have grinded my way to the top. Yes, I have spend money and yes, that made it easier to climb. But it still took me a lot of time and actually playing the game, getting to know the heroes and their specials and figure out Titans, Wars, Events.

When I started, all i had was Coppersky’s wiki (which helped me a ton), but that was it. Now… A little over a year later, there’s tons of research done, hours of content on YouTube and more guides than I can read in a year.

I think new players that are invested in the game (which can be both time and/or money) have it easier than before.
You don’t have to second guess yourself if you made a right choice ascending a hero, you just check Anchor guide to hero grading.
You wanna know how events work or learn new tactics about raiding, go to YouTube and there’s tons of videos.

I think everybody needs to go through this grind to get to the top. The 1% will always be there, now it may be 5000 players, in a year that’s 10000 and you’ll be one of them, as long as you keep grinding!

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I think the rarity and the challenge of getting the ascension items is part of what makes the game fun. If everything was easy to get, I don’t think there would be much longevity to the game.

If you want rapid gratification this is not the game for you. However, to say that it will take 2-4 years is ridiculous - the game hasn’t even been out that long! Most people playing have been doing so for 15 months or less. It takes about 9-10 months to get a really good team, sometimes less. In a year, you can have a deep roster with several teams of heroes. I have spent money, but even if I hadn’t I would have had over 30 level 70+ heroes after 12 months.

I am using an alt account. I spent about $70 to get some troops and 4* heroes, that’s it. I have been on less than 4 weeks, and already I have two teams of 4*, each close to level 20 second ascension, and this is playing once or twice a day. I use these two teams to double more powerful teams and titans. You can do this but you must temporarily pause the ascent of your top heroes and level a backup team. Since ascension items are limited, there is a pause in ascension most of the time anyway. A lot of heroes are stuck at 3/60 or 3/70.

The 1% will not benefit from most 3* ascension items; they already have enough. Yes, they will benefit from the 4* ones, but they already have 30-80 heroes. They need challenges much more than items.

What you want is to do the same thing it took them 9-12 months to do but to do it in 4-5 months. That isn’t going to happen, but you could do it in 7-8 months. You already benefit from the double builder, which is the best accelerator in the game. I enjoy my alt account (it is nice to be in silver instead of against 4100 power teams) and you can too.

Finally, you talk about the 1% like it is the upper class of society. It is much easier to break into the upper crust of this game. There are tons of players who have 4100 teams and 2300 cups waiting to wreck the people who dare get 2500 cups. I think it is more than 1% of the active players.

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