Why the change in hero's mana speed?

Why has there been a change in mana speed for Lancelot and Gretel? I’m sure others. Their speed was fast and was changed to average. I wouldn’t have invested so many resources into them to be average. This is BS another way to screw us, you know the customers.

Hi @Toddq36,
I’m sorry but it seems you mistake Gretel and Lancelot with some other heroes. They never had fast mana. You can search for them in your favourite search engine, there are many screenshots in the internet showing average mana for them.


Lance was fast for a very, very brief time during Beta. (This is why Beta content shouldnt be leaked)

And maybe you’re confusing Gretle with Hansel (who is fast)


I must be loosing my mind. Thanks for the quick response and straightening me out. Now I need to figure out what the heck I’m doing. I could have swore that she was fast. Oh well! Thanks again!


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