Why taunt skill not effect on Gullin damage power? Is it bug or not?

Hi, I had Krampus on my team and he fired then Gullin on enemy side damage all my heros and taunt power of Krampus not effect on that, is it bug or is it something that I dont know? Thanks.

Most likely it’s because gullin’s attack is from a buff, not a special skill. That’s why it bypasses taunt

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See thread below

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Thank you so much, I think about idea and before post it as suggestion let me tell u first to advice is it good to post or not, heros that change power of board like green rabbit from season 3 that increase green tile damage on attack and decrease it on defence. Isn’t it better to decrease the power of colour red on defence? The tiles that are powerful against the heros with that skill? Then they will be so much better on defence and can use that skill. What do u think? They decrease damage of tile color they are weak against and on attack increases power of own color like past.

That is another good options, but actually in current form, we can bring attention to attacker to bring green by puting Blue tank on defense, or maybe put 2x blue heroes.