Why such poor art design of new heroes?


New heroes pictures looks cheap and ugly. First kestrel pirate now this assface owl… What next?


You kidding right?
The owl is a boss. THE BOSS !

So classy.


I think the owl is Uncle Sam in disguise, especially as their attack is called “stately”.


To me they look really dope and I think some of our old heroes need a redesign.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… :wink:


While I did not like Kestrel’s face at all, something about it just rubs me the wrong way about it, these new heroes look cool. Especially the Owl!


Hey Rook! (Crashing the convo…) I wrote your Zaduk story. Go looky! <3


Link me, Woman! Yayyyyy!!!


The new heroes look vaguely steampunk-y? Robotic? I like the panther, but the owl looks like the art designers were running out of ideas and just threw everything at it.
“Let’s use, I dunno, Bobo the owl from the 1980’s Clash of the Titans movie with the Penguin from Batman and the bald guy from the Monopoly game. What the heck.”



Ha! Thank you! (Now back to topic…) :wink: