Why spend I say this time and time again

What is the point of spending when all u get is 3*.
I’m not lucky to get any good heros from a token or tokens. I can spend 100 dollars in one shot and still not get a hotm or event hero. Tc20 is a joke. How am I’m to stay playing at the lvl. That I’m at when I can do a 10 pull and only receive 3*
Thought about about doing another one bit why would I. I just spend 200 just to get last months hero spent over 10 gold tokens and a 10 pull this month just for 3*. If it’s not one thing it’s another it’s sad that I even have to buy my mats they say if u do an A+ or B+ and up it opens up extra slot well I’m always top 3 and the 4* mats never come lol. Its truly sad I’m really thinking about leaving I luv this game and alot of the people in this game. Everything is about money with this game to the point where it is so unfair the. Crazy thing is they have look alike games that do the same thing so money shouldn’t be an issue . I have spent well over 10.000 easy but if u seen my roaster it doesn’t show it lol I do know 5* are not a guarantee but my god I feel like I have just been robbed…


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