Why (some) things need to be the way they are in E&P

There was 2 others on the team…they just weren’t needed :joy:

In effect I beat it with just 3 heroes but it’s amazing that in Rush that’s all you need

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you are comparing limit broken 4* to regular 4*

But the rest of the time…
you are comparing LB-4 to LB-5 with claims that the LB-4 receive more benefit:

No they are not. The 5* gains more.

Why do we need someone to tell us that heroes with LB will be stronger than the same hero without LB…??

You cut the quote off, and called it smoke…

Granted… you may not have those specific heroes of a short list that were given in a plead that the “other side” does have options.

But, now you DO have some nice dark options! Low and behold… Myztero is no longer driving, he’s at the back of the bus waving the 6th war flag. Sometimes!

I’m not calling you a liar!

But stuff like this:

Is very misleading… when you don’t have "numbers"
It was available for hours…
and didn’t break any “economy”

According to Petri, it wouldn’t have broken anything if it was available for 24 hours.
But… it had a $
And that number… called for a rescind…
Which ostracized people

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I will try one more time.

D’Andre - no emblems - no LB - defense 637
Frigg - no emblems - no LB - attack 753

Attack/defense ratio (no factoring in any defender bonus) is 1.182

D’Andre - no emblems - LB (break only stats, as indicated in-game) - 658
Frigg - no emblems - LB (break only stats, as indicated in-game) - 775

Attack/defense ratio (no defender bonus) is 1.178.

This means that after BOTH are LB’d but not further levelled, D’Andre has a slightly higher chance of surviving a Frigg hit. Add emblems, and the full 5 LB level increasts - the ratio gets even smaller, meaning more survivability for D’Andre. And then you add - an extra 45 HP for LBing, plus 5 levels’ worth of extra HP. What does all this mean? The 4* healer/support hero has a greater chance of survivability if facing a team full of LB 5s than the same non-LB 4 hero has when facing the same team of non LB 5s. Conclusion - the 4 gets a relatively greater advantage through LBing than an equivalent 5*, at least in regards to survivability, which is what I am focusing on.

And that is the worst case scenario. Best case scenario is you LB the 4* and face teams with no LB 5s, then 1, 2, etc. But even in the worst case the 4 has come off better.

The rest of the stuff I won’t answer as I am trying to steer this back on-topic. Suffice to say that whilst I am not using Myztero daily, he is getting utilised in wars every chance I get, just as I was doing 6 months ago. But I have gone through a few iterations of daily raid team and I like to change the teams whenever I get new heroes regardless of their effectiveness as this keeps the game fresh. I was running a 3.5-3.7K team with 3 mostly unlevelled Elradirs for weeks just because it was so much fun, not because I was having more success with them.

Got lucky on the first board I tried this…

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Hamgate is on topic. Calling me a liar wasn’t. So thanks?

Your conclusion discounts how the percentages actually work. The initial LB gives D’andre the largest percentage. After that, the following levels don’t narrow the ratio as you said. Each of the following 5 percentages when leveling are applied to a larger number for the 5*. Which eliminates that actual gain, and then surpasses it…

I believe you forgot the most important aspect: people have more fun in this game complaining about it than playing it. If the odds were high, why would people complain? (Oh, sorry, I forgot - they like to complain, and they would do it for the game becoming stale, as you outlined). :wink:

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I can actually believe that quite easily. I was raiding earlier and went in with a mono green; couldn’t get tiles (bad boards happen) so Brynhild who was supposed the be the mana buff for Melendor and Bertila couldn’t charge. I lost Hansel, then Bertila, Caedmon and then Melendor. Finally Brynhild charged. Thankfully I was able to maintain that and won with tiles in the end.

A miracle, luck, rigged boards, skill? Don’t know, don’t care; a win is a win.

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Lets take a look from an other angle:
You dont pay for certain heroes, you pay for the chance to get them. You dont own them and you dont own anything from this game despite the amount of money you pay. In the end you pay for the fun and the experience to chase a hero and the kick if you got him. And the excitement to use this heroe, especially if it is a game changing heroe.
If they nerf the hero later they can only take that feeling from you if you let them do it. If you accept its ok to balance the game and sometimes you loose and sometimes you gain something from the rebalancing you can preserve a lot of the fun and joy you felt summoning Vela and Telluria. Is it not the purpose of a game to have some fun and leisure time? Dont stain your gaming experience by being to bitter because of the nerfs.
And about compensation: I think a moderate bonus or compensation could be ok but nothing to substantial, because a substantial compensation could be a new source of further unbalancing. English is not my native language, so I hope I made my points clear without being impolite.

I hope you can enjoy the game again and I would be happy to have Vela and Telly even the nerved versions. I maxed Noor so I would happily use Vela !


Okay, let’s look at it from this point. You enter a raffle to win a super car. There are 5 turbo charged, 5 lemons and a special car if you get the golden ticket. You pull the golden ticket and get the lambo. You still paid you or get your entries into the lottery per say. You got lucky and won the lambo, but people complained it was too loud and powerful and all people would do is complain. The sponsor of the event folds to the people that bich and complain and the sponsor of the event comes and takes back your lambo and give you a Mercedes. Sure, the Mercedes is still a nice car, but it ain’t no lambo.

That a better analogy?


Yes - but what makes you happy : complaining about the loss of the lambo or celebrating the benz ?

It is up to you


Agree with you on almost everything. The one thing I disagree about is Ninja Tower. It came around and I didn’t feel like tit fit into the game “plot”, if you will. It turned me off immediately and I’ve never played it even once. I had to make some decisions on conserving flasks, time, etc. and that was one of the things I immediately nixed.

Anther thing I’d like to add: the issue of tile randomness and the ability of heroes to power up their special skill. To me, it’s aggravating when I have the same hero as an opposing team and my hero is levelled higher and has higher level troops and, in most cases, manna boosting. However, the hero on the other team shoots it’s special skill 3-4 times before my hero is powered up for even one!! That is very disheartening and creates a huge amount of frustration, as it appears the computer has already decided the outcome of the battle. If that’s the case, stop wasting my time and just tell me if I won or not! Along the same lines of randomness, if I only field one healer, the AI seems to almost always reduce the number/chances for that color of tile. With these issues, it should just be that the tiles are truly random and allowed to pop up that way and both teams in a battle should have the heroes fire up their special skills at the same rate of the color tiles used on the board, as well as any boosts they receive from the troops they field.

Another issue is about trading materials and/or heroes amongst your alliance. Almost all of us have supported it, but nothing comes about. The game developers only seem to care about that generates revenue. We’ve asked for expanding some stats, such as the number of hits taken by each alliance member, but nothing changes. Same with direct messaging in game chat and giving alliance leaders the power to opt a player out of war. So many people want, but SG seems more worried about POSSIBLE abuses and not allowing the 99.8% of us who don’t and won’t abuse these things to have these valuable tools. Using that logic, maybe they should stop in app purchases since it can lead to people having a gaming addiction and spending way too much money!!! Our alliance has a rule if you don’t use all of your flags, you sit out the next war. Sometimes, someone got sick or hurt and can’t get into the game to opt out. Right now, our only options if we can reach them is either let them stay in the next war and pray they show up and use all of their flags or we kick them from the alliance. Being able to opt them out, helps to save alliance members who hit a particular situation. Conflicts arising from DMs or opting out players could have a very simple complaint system requiring screenshots or other proof and if a legit complaint is filed, you take action. Those people you don’t want in the game, especially if they bounce around alliances. We had one guy who was very creepy and we weren’t sure if he was just a perv or maybe a pedophile with how he acted. In those cases, we can only kick them and let another alliance deal with it, although we do put the word out!!

Just one last thing: determining power of teams. I’ve tried to figure it out based on things other have told me and I can never seem to figure it out the same as that which is showing in the game. I also question on some teams where the power is like 4150, but the troops on that team are all high teens or twenties for level with several as manna boosters. I have never felt like the power level of teams takes into account enough of the type and level of troops on defense teams.

Excellent post!!!

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Messing around in practice arena but I got it on the 3rd go


Yes, every working 3 hero team can do that. In reality not that hard if you have the right heroes…

Just from this evening, filling the chest…


I would rather have a 99 geo tracker. Good car to slang and not get noticed. Maximize my profits without being noticeable.


Yeah but…
Right after you sign the papers and the dealer hands you the keys. He stops you, goes out and rips a big fart in the seat.
Here you go, drive safe…

I know. Because in your Telly ride. I was farting in the backseat.

Sorry :cry:


It doesn’t work that way. If you have the full Frigg post LB numbers I can show you the calculations.

But looking at C Colen emblemed defense pre and post max LB and unemblemed pre LB Maste Lepus and post max LB Master Lepus the attack to defense ratio shrinks. Plus C Colen has an extra 100+HP than he did before.

Again, this means that in the worst-case scenario - you are facing a team of all LB 5s - the LB 4 has gotten an advantage because it will survive longer. In all other scenarios - not facing any LB heroes, facing 1, 2, 3, 4… the 4* has an even bigger advantage.

Note I am only looking at survivability although as you know @yelnats_24 has done a lot of calculations about relative attacks and I believe he has concluded that relatively speaking the 4s will do more damage when all are LBd than the same 4s will do when all are not LBd.

The scenario where the 5* has the advantage is where 4s are not in play at all. But the maths clearly show that relative to 5s, LBing 4s gives you the greater advantage and not just until the 5s “catch up”.

So if you are planning to use certain 4s for a while - and a lot of us plan to use our C Kirils, BTs, C Mels, C Sabinas, C Rigs, D’Andres, Lady Wools, etc. for a long, long time - then there is more to be gained from LBing those and it will make you more competitive going up against 5s regardless of whether those 5s are LB’d or not - particularly if the survivability of those 4s is an issue or key to your success

To be precise, not simply nominal damage but in fraction of 5* HP that the 4* take (relative to 5* taking 4* HP).

In DoT (not affected by defense), 4* will take more fraction of 5* HP while 5* will take less fraction of 4* HP.

In non-DoT, 4* and 5* will both take less fraction of 5* and 4* HP respectively, but 5* will take lesser than 4* relative to what they take before LB.


So the 4* LB will lose a smaller fraction of its life when get hit by a 5* LB than if both are un LB.

The 4* LB will take a bigger fraction of the 5* life when it hits a 5* LB then it would take if both are un LB.

Sound about right?

And much cheaper and easier to do. Seems like a non-contest, unless you don’t use any 4*s at all

Yes, whether it is DoT or non-DoT.

Yes if it is DoT, No if it is non-DoT.

For non-DoT, after LB, 4* will take less faction of 5* HP and 5* will also take less fraction of 4* HP but the reduction of HP taken is larger. for example:

Before LB:
4* take 30% of 5* HP
5* take 80% of 4* HP

After LB:
4* take 28.5% of 5* HP
5* take 75% of 4* HP

28.5/30 = 95% 》 5% reduction
75/80 = 93.75% 》 6.25% reduction

Nb: this is just an example, not actual effect.

So essentially everyone’s survivability goes up relative to before (which makes sense because health is part of the stats that go up).

So it goes back again to which heroes do you actually use often and get value out of? If these are 4s then you don’t lose anything even in the long run when facing all 5LBs - unless you no longer use that 4*. In the short to medium term you get a significant advantage which reduces to a slight advantage at the end.

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