Why (some) things need to be the way they are in E&P

What we have in E&P is a lot of quantity. Unfortunate that in some ways, there is too much lack of quality.

All I can do, is try to enjoy what I still can in-game before retiring.


This thread gonna be closed within a week because of number of flags, just saying.

Anyway, disagree heavily on first three points. In every online game I’ve played, you could max your hero and have the best gear, best stats, everything and it wasn’t limited to single accounts - everyone has the same opportunities. By saying “it would lead to staleness etc” you saying that those other games are boring and less challenging? Because it clearly looks that way.
I have several max heroes in my main MMO game and I completely disagree on whole concept of “journey”. Reaching endgame is a stupid grind, only after that fun begins and you can actually play the game with all of its potential. Gatekeeping players from achieving best rosters is crazy to me…

Disagree on nerfing the chased heroes. Imagine ordering a v8 car and you get delivered 150hp diesel for the same money. Nerfing=scamming

So hamgate. Awful PR move, absolute distaster “had to happen”. Like… what? Favoritism of certain players had to happen? So it would be also completely okay if some accounts pulled legendary after legendary while the rest got nothing right?
You agree tho that “economy” was not balanced because of it, therefore you admit SG blatantly lied in their statement saying it wasn’t? Good, we are getting somewhere.

Agree on NT, partially on unequal and niche heroes, don’t have opinion on boards.

Anyway, it blows my mind that people still feel a need to defend unethical billionaire companies. You guys should join their law team, at least you will get paid.


I hope they drop stupid defense buff. Right now feels like my 4000tp team is using nerf guns vs other 4000tp teams. I don’t mind boards and understand tweaking so stacking doesn’t get OP. But still my team shouldnt do 90damage vs 150damage on single tile stike between two opposing sonyas…

Heroes needs to be hard to get, said not one f2p player ever, not even a c2p. A real one.
One thing its “hard to get”, the other its “impossible”.

SG stuborness about season two heroes and season one in every other portal its plain disrespectful.
They’ve ignore most of beta feedback, and I’m one of the ignored, so I know what I saying.
It’s downhill from here, just a collection of cards, way behind a real game. Just appeal the big spenders and the rest just had to s* up.


I don’t get why someone would stay in beta after what happened with LBs…

So much for staying out of this thread! :rofl:


I have to agree with all your topics. Not popular but absolutely right!
The whole concept pf the game is about the rarety of heroes. If some players overcome this limit by spending big the next balancing mechanism is the rarety of 4* ascension mats.
You can blame this concept but after 4 years and 3 completed seasons a rule change would be impossible without alienating a big part of the player base. A stalling game would be a dying game so if you do not have a new hero to ascend or the necessary mats, you can work on your heroes using emblems and aethers. Those ressources have to be rare too due to the game economy.

Happy gaming


I can’t see a single flag yet??

Difficult topics can be discussed in a civil manner. Sadly we see divisive topics in our politics devolve into a lot of shouting matches so some think that’s how you debate. It’s not and it’s perfectly possible to disagree without name calling or snarky remarks.

Me and my real life best mate are polar opposites when it comes to politics. We literally agree on nothing and yet we can sit and discuss it with a few beers for hours. When a valid point is made it is acknowledged. And they do happen, not often, but they do.

This game has divides. Sadly where there is Free to Premium levels that will always exist. Those who can and do pay are no less entitled to opinions on it than those who don’t and vice versa.

So there shouldn’t be any flags if we try and have an adult conversation on these points.


If I say the sky is blue you’ll argue with me and add to the most replied person in both of our profiles. But in this case… you should argue with Petri. Because he said otherwise:

[[SOLVED] Incorrect Spring Offer (Apr 15, 2021) MASTER - #148]

"Even though we’re talking about a lot of food, it does not break the game economy" ~Petri

Rescinding the offer, ostracized a large portion of the population

Niche heroes are ok, for game variety. But an obsession with such heroes should be put in check, because none of these "great" niche heroes are S1.
Which also means…
None of these wonderful niche heroes are available in a TC.
They are for the most part… purchased…

So if the love affair for niche was full blown and you have to have a niche hero to counter the other niche hero…
The game would get obliterated for those who do not spend money.

The good part about not over emphasizing a niche system gives breathing room for players who don’t have one of the anti-summon niche heroes. Or anti-fiend niche. Or anti-boosted health. And so on…

The best thing for game variety is…


And that destination is gravitating rapidly into spend more money…
Spend more time grinding…
when the CAP becomes overwhelming…!

For now let’s make defenses weaker instead. :roll_eyes:
Because the tiles and brains are struggling against slash and ai.
ahhaha… it used to be one tree in the forest was on fire.

Not anymore…


Well, OP said he wants to “argue” and this is internet, you expect this thread to be civil?

No need to go off on my opinion, I’m chill. Was just thinking that the topic feels like a bait and mods will be busy.


I’m here for wars and my ally mates. Friendships all over the world grew up without (or at least lower than summon odds) a chance to see or visit each other at any time.

All other stuff doesn’t really matter any more to me including the new heroes. I just play to keep up.


Players who have their heros nerfed don’t deserve compensation… This is the biggest load of bs I’ve ever heard.

That’s like saying I’m going to to buy a BMW and bring it home and signed all the paperwork for it and then in they come in the middle of the night and repo it and give you a geo metro. You spent the money for said item and after you have spent your money, they switch it out for a garbage model.


I actually think he genuinely does (he is a well respected member here and I seriously doubt when posting that he was asking for a fight). The understanding of the word “argue”, seems to me to be more a semantic issue. He may have also used the word “debate” to avoid misunderstanding but it probably didn’t cross his mind. I hope the mods are not busy with this thread until it gets deliberately derailed (they have enough to do already).


Yeah I agree. Debate would have been a better word. Or even discuss.

He did bring up relevant topics. That’s his viewpoint.

Not everyone would agree in full, in part or at all.

And the Mods have not checked in yet. Woo hoo


I really want an auto clear option for most of the PVE content in this game. Maybe not the ninja tower or events as there is a score element to these levels but I think anything you have previously completed you should be able to auto clear. Yes I know that takes away the revenue stream of loot tickets, but it would be a huge improvement in the game to my mind. Maybe you have a limited number of auto-clears per day? Which means that loot tickets till have a place during atlantis rising etc.

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I am not too fussed about points 1-3 as I just don’t have high expectations in this area - I just plug along and play my game. But I don’t disagree. It could be pretty easy wins for them to improve in these areas.

Point 4 - I am not against compensation per say, or even compensation specific to subsets of the player base. I just don’t think anyone is automatically entitled to compensation for nerfs.


As has been pointed out before you invest in a lottery which may or may not win you the hero or heroes you want.

And each hero has the chance for future modifications, both buffs and nerfs. I think if someone is not willing to risk the chance of not getting the heroes they want, or to risk the chance that their heroes will be changed in the future, then they shouldn’t invest in the lottery


Yes but if heroes were easily available and mats were scarce then people would only ascend the same set of the most powerful/OP heroes. You would have no variety in rosters and therefore staleness would still be there


I did enjoy the new Starfall colour flipping mechanism - it added some strategy and planning to it and made it a little less repetitive

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No more so than me. Maybe this is a chance to



Agreed. I think everyone is being very grown up so far and we are all playing nicely together

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