Why some heroes like Boss Wolf and Guardian Owl are still "very slow"?

Hi everyone!
In the recent hero-balance by SG many useless heroes transformed into viable (in some cases very good and game-changing) heroes. I’m happy for the players who own those heroes.

Some heroes got their mana speed increased, but I think if any heroes needed a speed buff the most, that would be the Boss Wolf. I have him in my hero roster and I’m not even willing to spend 3* ascension mats on him. Many 4* purple heroes are more worthy to ascend than him. I’m very thankful to have Kageburado and Clarissa on my side and did not waste royal tabards on Boss Wolf.

To be fair, he has good defensive stats, and an interesting special skill but when you cannot use it, it becomes useless. A “very slow” mana speed makes Boss Wolf one of the worst heroes of the game. Even a “slow” mana speed instead of “very slow” would make him a good hero.

I have seen some people on the forum having the same argument about Guardian Owl. What is your idea? Don’t you think some of the very slow heroes need a speed buff to become viable?

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