Why should I ever summon again?

After 20 useless summons to get guardian shakal (I am a little weak in yellow attackers) I was convinced to not spend any more gems in this challenge. But of course I am also short on darts and there was this package… So I took another 10 and got Vela (apart from 10 useless feeders) So now I have 5 Angel’s for JussufSegelbaer and wonder why I ever should summon again. Any clues? Here is my rainbow-HOTM team


This is a fine team.
I doubt Grazul’s healing would be enough in most cases. A second healer or a defence buffer would be a nice change to this team.

Also, attack raids have more succes when use muliple of the same color. Gives more chance killing heroes before there special triggers.

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I think I need to put Grazul to the left wing/flank, ok. But with 2 snipers, 1 Healer, 1 Mana and accuracy and 1 DoT I think my rainbow is complete! For attack I have some more S1 4 and 5* heroes.

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Gotta take the rough with the smooth!
It’s a game of chance!


To get a tank? Maybe.

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Let me say something here, in those you have a super studette, a very nice hero, a very usable hero, a yet to be seen how very nice of a hero and 1 that needs a buff according to some and not others. So with that I will say you have WAY more than MOST in this game. It also looks like you have been playing quite a while and KNOW what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

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