Why revenge is unavailable while a player is constantly online?

I’ve encountered at least two players who have. Found out when I tried to revenge them. Granted, those were months ago - probably more than a year ago. And alas i don’t have screenshots to prove this…

Yeah never seen it. I figured Raid shields was one of those old legacy things that was probably considered a good thing at the start but quickly became obsolete but was more hassle to uncode than it was just to leave it…

In that case he’d have message that shield is activated, not that he is online.

I am online 24/7 in a way that net is always on, and game is just minimized, but I am not spending even close like them playing game.

We have, for example TaGon who was lvl162 only 10days ago (two weeks max) and now is already lvl164!:open_mouth:
How for gods sake? Does he sleep, eat, do whatever else people must do?

I’ve used a raid shield before. In an early POV when I was right at that point that getting into and staying in Diamond was really rough and we needed wins in Diamond to complete the raid challenge. It was a small raid shield, probably long enough to hit the nightly tourney reset.
The 50 gems were a negligible price to pay.

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For the same reason Super mana potions (100 gems a piece) or Axe attacks (70 gems a piece) are still available… of course, nobody in their right minds will buy that, but hey! Anything is possible…

Still you have a hell of money for that “achievement”, but hey…

With the amount some spend monthly here chasing heroes I’m sure the store costs are nothing.

Nobody FTP, I agree. But then FTP aren’t using the store at all.

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