Why revenge is unavailable while a player is constantly online?

Recently I’ve been raided by a player and I wanted to have a revenge, but I could not.
Apparently this stupid rule that you cannot be raided while you are online can be exploited. I tried for three days (checked each 30-40 minutes apart for the time I slept) but this player had been constantly online.
Then this player with the Revenge button simply went down in the raid log and I could see no more of him.

So, apparently, if you want to raid without fear of revenge simply stay online. That simple!
What is the purpose of raid unavailability if the victim is online?
What the developers were trying to accomplish by that?

To test that I simply put my tablet on a charger, switched the energy mode to always on and left the game active. No raids for 48 hours while I can raid anyone I want.

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What exactly is “switched the energy mode to always on” mean?

Probably some setting for tablet not to block itself after idle time. But the game disconnects you after few minutes of inactivity anyway, so the OP had to find some way to simulate activity.

Not me, but my opponent. The game does not go offline.

The game does go offline if you’re inactive Even if your phone/tablet isnt in idle/turned Off.

So, you’re suggesting that a player stays active for 4 days non stop?

It sounds to me you just had some bad luck with your opponent being online at the same time you were. It happens.

I referred to this. I wonder how you tested this, it’s not possible to just leave the game for 48 hours, because even if your screen is active all the time the game will disconnect after few minutes.

There is always possibility that he had the game running in an emulator on PC and used some app that simulates mouse movement and clicking automatically, so the game though he played all the time.


SG added the “unless you’re in the top 100” exception because a player had clawed his way to #1 and was apparently using an emulator to prevent revenges. At lower levels, I agree with not being able to be raided. It’s incredibly distracting (and a bit demoralizing) to keep seeing raids against me every minute or so when I’m in top 100.

(Btw, that #1 player rage-quit when his gig was blown.)

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I think that revenges should be just available for everyone, always. I don’t really understand why it is this way, you’ll get raided at some point anyway.

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I use an emulator sometimes but you get disconnected there as well after a few minutes of inactivity. So there must be volitional cheating as @uvekolarz mentioned. You activly have to install something in addition to avoid being kicked out of the game. From my point of view this is cheating and should be punished. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Currently, feature that was introduced earlier based on the player feedback, it is possible to revenge players who are in top 100 leaderboards. Otherwise it is not possible to attack online players. I hope this helps!

I really don’t understand how it can be possible that someone is more than 5 (five) hours online so i can’t revenge.

I understand if someone have shield, but I’m refreshing and click on revenge every few minutes and constantly got this message!

It’s the last day of the Event, they are probably replaying levels over and over in the hope of either placing highly, or getting challenge coins. If they haven’t fallen out of your tower by the time the event ends, you’ll probably be able to get them then


Yeah it’s like AR think the most I did was 7-8 farming non stop. Sometimes people play for hours for items they want. As put buy @EngOran people trying to improve scores.

No idea why people wanna revenge right away.
As they cleared out watch tower. Give it a day or two and take more loot from them.

I don’t need revenge so badly, especially I didn’t seek for revenge right away, but now when I looked it was three behind him and now he is last on the list and if someone else attack me he’s gonna gone. That is the reason I wanted to revenge but he is still unavailable for revenge.

I was just curious how someone can be online for hours, and I’ve noticed that several times more than 15 of them attacked me almost in a same time (when I’m 2800+ trophies) and I’m farming at that moment.

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What if the mentioned player just bought the raid shield? :thinking:

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Nobody is daft enough to buy a raid shield though are they???

Why would raid shields still be available if no one buys them?

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