Why remove troop token from uncommon recruits

What is the reason?

In all other uncommon quests you can find decent material, so having a troop token in recruits is fair

Why remove it

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This doesn’t belong in beta but to answer your question…it is random. The troop token isn’t always in the uncomm recruit quest, nor has it been. It was in the last uncommon recruit quest though.


It’s been in the last 3

And I’m posting this here since the devs probably look here the most

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The Devs read the Forums. This isn’t Beta-related so I am moving it.


It might have been removed from this quest because we had the same one 2 days ago. I don’t know for sure, but it could be a proximity trigger, like how you can’t get 2 special wanted missions too close together.

Our alliance was disappointed as well.

Yeah, we did just have one a few days ago that did give the token, right?

I thought I remembered reading that the uncommon quests had a chance to proc the token, but it wasn’t guaranteed reward. Might not be accurate

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Plenty of times in the past it didn’t give a token so to me it’s no big deal this one didn’t give us one


No troops token today too.

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What about today’s find recruits 2? Is there a token at the end of it?

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No troop token in the last three for me…

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Not today!

Follow this thread, they have been keeping track of it! :slight_smile:


The troop token for Recruits II hasn’t been a regular drop since last summer. SGG has slowly nerfed loot from all quests and chests.

Is it me or they removed the raid flask from the rare item quest?

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The raid flask used to be a hidden reward on one quest.

If I Recall Correctly its quest ( Battle Item II ? ) started as a hidden Titan flask, with 50% chance like Epic Troop token, then became a hidden raid flask with 100% proc rate, then became visible.

I have sooo many raid flasks because I do not use them but cannot resist free MMO energy.

Not hidden, it was clearly showed as reward one out of two rare items quest.
Still is something like 4 times that you get the other rewards (bombs and high green potions if i’m not mistaken).

Could be just a coincidence, but seems strange as it was really regular.

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I did not say it was currently hidden

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