Why reduced titan loot?

I came a new alliance before titan appeared (6 hours) and was over 20 hours from the last titan loot and we didn’t even kill it. But the titan which appeared was a rare… Is it because of it?

Any time you fail to kill the titan, everyone in the alliance gets reduced titan loot. You have to kill the titan to get the full reward. :slightly_smiling_face:


That was previous one, we killed the rare titan

So, what is your issue? Confused :dizzy_face:. Only killed titans count when filling the titan chest.

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20 hours in the new alliance, not 20 hours from last titan loot.


So you showed up when the previous titan was up, it escaped, then you managed to kill the next rare titan 20+ hours after joining the alliance? And you didn’t hop out of the alliance to hit another titan in that time?

If that’s the case, I believe you should have been able to get full loot. Though I am unsure of the exact current rules, as it’s been a long time since I switched alliances. Maybe they now require you to sit put in the same alliance for at least 24 hours to get full loot?

I do think they have been implementing changes in order to discourage alliance hopping lately.

@Elpis mentions a valid point as well. How long were you in your current alliance before their last titan was killed?

I’m not anti merc on principle, I support the right of independent players to be able to merc. Some alliances welcome mercs. But other alliances do not like and do not want them in the game at all, and SG seems to be trying to discourage mercing and alliance hopping lately.

Okay, thanks. Case is closed

All answered here: [Master] Reduce titan loot

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